Fate Extra: Last Encore – Episode 4 Review

Best girl of Fate Extra has arrived. Fight me if you think otherwise.

The fourth  episode of Fate Extra: Last Encore has aired, and so I’ve come to give my review.



The episode opens with Red Saber and Rin bathing in the elevator’s bath while Hakuno is off brooding over Rider’s final words as he continues to think about how hatred is his only driving motivation. Saber then comes out in nothing but a translucent scarf that covers up her naughty bits for the camera while telling him that they’d find his reasons for fighting by climbing the ocean of SE. RA. PH. In as theatrical a manner as always, of course.

Then, in what looks to be an idyllic London, we see the image of a matured gentlemen sitting in a Church with a sniper rifle as the elevator arrives, ready to start the Holy Grail War. It’s been a while since anyone has come due to Shinji, so this is his ticket to the Third Floor. His Servant, Archer, enters then and questions if he still wants to go through with it even though the war is in tatters and the Holy Grail is missing. He naturally does, since he left everything behind to fight marvelous enemies and achieve glory,

Hakuno and  Saber emerge from their landing point to find that once more the setting has changed to a ruined land  overrun with a forest before Saber blocks a sniper’s round heading straight for Hakuno. After taking a few more hits, they then jump into the forest below, which was exactly what the Sniper wanted since his Archer excels in that terrain. They know where the Sniper is, so they head towards him while having a talk about gratitude and Saber grandstanding on their walk through the forest until Archer pops up and floods the area with poison.

Hakuno busts out a Code Cast for Poison Immunity (out of nowhere, I might add), but Archer continues to hammer at his will through assaulting his goal and stating he doesn’t have an ego or reason to fight for the Grail.  He then uses his camouflage Noble Phantasm to try and snipe  them until Saber gets an arrow to the chest after Hakuno gets caught in a trap. Seeing her hurt and about to be pin-cushioned leaves Hakuno to burn a command seal so that she can activate her sword and incinerate a good portion of the forest.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take out Archer. He goes in for the kill, only to get blasted out of the air by another Master and Saber manages to drive him away. Said Master introduces herself as Rani VIII after healing Saber, another Master who lost their Servant and is acting as a Rebel against the current Floor Master, Dan Blackmore. He apparently had good etiquette before SE. RA. PH broke down but has since murdered every other Master that has come, barring the ones who went back down to the First Floor.  Rani has been waiting for 50 years in her own words for the next Master willing to ascend.

Both Saber and Hakuno note that’s identical to what was happening with Rin and Shinji, but neither knows where the former is. Rani then laments how the Holy Grail War has changed, to which Saber agrees that there is a lack of hope and glory. Since Moon Cell is basically a storage for human souls it is also their final frontier, a man-made heaven that’s on the brink of destruction.

Saber and Hakuno then go to sleep, where we then get a seen of the doctor from before sitting near the Angelica Cage and lecturing Hakuno on how humans took Moon Cell, which was meant to only gather information, and began killing one another to use its power for their own interests. He then declares himself the sole one who decides who gets the power to use the Angelica Cage, referring to himself as a devil.

Hakuno wakes up and recalls that it was a memory from the Top Floor, wondering if he descended from the top or if he had been dreaming  that he had been getting killed by the same guy over and over in his  dream. He then ventures outside to see Rani tending to a bunch of graves with several copies of herself, dolls that can be turned into swords or do mundane tasks. The graves are for the Masters who lost their lives on that floor and deserved to be mourned.

She then asks Hakuno the same question the other Servants have asked him: Why does he want to ascend? He doesn’t have an answer aside from it just feels like the right thing to do. She then drops a bomb on him with the revelation that the year is 3020, and that humanity on the brink of despair in the real world. So the Masters living in SE. RA. PH are basically the sole survivors, and if it collapses completely then Humanity will be erased from existence.

We then get a final shot of Dan Blackmore polishing his gun while asking Archer why he didn’t take out Hakuno first. They’ve killed countless Masters in order to ascend, so there won’t be another chance. He’s determined to have Moon Cell will take him as a winner this time.

Then the episode ends.





Well, this episode kicked things up a notch. We’re apparently in the darkest timeline of the Fate Extra universe with Humanity being completely screwed. It honestly explains a lot of what Shinji was doing in hindsight, so where do we begin.

How about the fact that the time period is set in 3020 while Hakuno thought it was early 2000s, which is when Fate Extra originally took place. I knew the Fate/Extra world was basically screwed, but I didn’t think that they’d be that screwed. Mind you, the regular Fate series has a deadline around the year 3000 as things stand so it might have just been natural causes too, but still.

Then Rin up and vanished. No idea where she went, but she would have been useful here against Dan Blackmore. He’s not the guy I loved as an enemy in the Fate Extra games, but that can be explained away as due to whatever is going on in this time period. The appearance of Rani VIII was a surprise too, but in hindsight I shouldn’t be surprised that she’s another Servant-less Master.Both she and Rin in the game end up like that depending on the route you take.

Still not sure what’s going on with Hakuno, barring some kind of time-loop thing, but the term Last Encore makes a lot of sense when you consider that humanity is screwed and the floor below is ruined. It really is the last time anything can be done, but I’m not sure it can do anything for the ones who’ve died so if they’re all that’s left and the only way to ascend is to kill, there’s only going to be like two or three left in the end.

Congratulations, you’ve managed to peak my interests once more with this episode.

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