Mahou Tsukai No Yome (The Ancient Magus’ Bride) Episode 16 Review

The moment of connection between a Guardian and Wizard.

The sixtieth episode of  Mahou Tsukai No Yome  (The Ancient Magus’ Bride)  has aired and I will bring you the recap and review of this episode.


The episode opens with Chise wondering if she’ll live long enough to see the next Autumn since she missed this one when she spots two faerie questioning whether or not she’ll be preparing for Yule in time. Elias pops up to tell them they will and explains that those were the Yule twins before they set out back home to find Ruth undergoing a sort of crisis since he realized that he’s kind of done a crap job as a Familiar in keeping Chise safe. Not his fault since Elias hasn’t done much better,  but the latter does try to cheer him up before they set out to prepare for Yule.

They harvest Mistletoe, Yew, and Oak among other things in preparation for it while hiding from a pair of wandering spirits (details at the end) before crossing a beautiful winter scene and then head back to finish up. We then get a very awkward kiss between the two before dinner and bedtime. When morning comes, we see the postal centaur, Hazel, delivering a package for Elias as Chise sneaks off.

We then find out she’s headed off to London to meet with Alice, Renfred’s bodyguard/apprentice. She’s asked for Chise to help find a gift for her master, which makes Chise realize she hasn’t gotten Elias anything, so the pair go shopping and find nothing since they don’t have many friends so its rare for them to shop for others. Fortunately, Hazel gives them some advice to go with and they set out again.

That’s when they run into trouble in the form of some of Alice’s old associates who try to press her into doing drugs with them. She refuses, they get touchy, and Alice gives them a kick to the groin while Chise calls out Ruth to show them what an angry Church Grim looks like. The pair then head-off.

We then get Alice’s backstory. Her parents got her addicted her to them and then had her selling them until Renfred picked her up off the street and then brought her to his place to detox her. She didn’t trust him at all, but one day she’d gotten herself nearly killed and the scar on his face resulted from that, leading to her growing respect for him.

They then head back before Alice asks if her Servant Bird is at her place. The one Elias killed and Silky buried. Then a pair of kids named Stella and Ethan bump into her before she heads back home where she learns that Elias had been watching her using a creation of his. He then realizes that he was angry at her until she gives him a present since its Christmas and  thanks her for the present before giving her a giant teddy bear that he learned to make when Angelica was a child.

She goes to bed having trouble believing that she can’t wait to wake up on Christmas day before we then cut to that child from before, Ethan, running into Ashen Eyes before the episode ends.


This was a good episode. We learned a lot, like how  Sorcerers don’t have True Sight, so they can’t recognize Fae that hide themselves unless they want to be spotted or make preparations. We also learned that Elias could create something that could hide even from True Sight and that he was fully aware of Chise’s disappearance.

The question of whether it was right or wrong to spy on her isn’t exactly something I’m willing to dive into since she has been in trouble consistently and she did sneak out. But we learned that he’s made Teddy Bears for Angelica since she was a child and she’s a mage meaning that he’s known her for a longer time than most people have been alive. That being said, he doesn’t know much about the emotional aspect of it so its basically just something he does out of habit.

Chise getting gifts from Angelica, Simon, and Lindel shows that the number of people who have entered her life has grown substantially. She’s grown to love living and wants to see what awaits her in the future. This Chise is almost unrecognizable from the one in the first episode, and you can see she has a stronger connection to Alice than you’d  think.

On the subject of Alice,  because they compressed three or so chapters into one episode, a lot of little details go missed out. Fortunately, I’m willing to do that for you.

The first is the woman who was on a deer-like centaur. She was  the Black Goddess of Winter and Death, and its bad luck to run into her because you don’t know what will anger her. By offering that sprig of yew while they hid, it kept them from being cursed as a result and allowed them to go unbothered.

The second is why all the neighbors were out and about. They all come out during the different solstices to watch the changing of the seasons.

The third is Hazel’s explanation about gifts and how they should match the recipient. Centaurs like bows and arrows, good wood for carving, dyes and so on. It’s just that little touch of world-building you know.

The fourth is that confrontation. Those guys were a lot more pushy with Alice, since they knew her when she was a kid before she ran off for a few years to them. But what set her off was that they called Renfred her Sugar-daddy and implied that he was using her.

The fifth is how Alice views drugs as being something that doesn’t taste good, the withdrawl is a pain, and coming down from a high makes her feel like she’s dying since she has a fast metabolism so they pass through her body quickly. It’s also revealed that Weed is legal everywhere else (presumably in London) but not where they are at the moment.

But the major thing after that is that it was Alice’s father who hooked her on drugs when she was little so that she’d be willing to deal for him.  Then he died, making her homeless on top of addicted to drugs. Once Renfred confirmed that she didn’t want to be a drug addict, he detoxed her using potions and teas that bled the drugs out of her system so that she didn’t have withdrawl symptoms.

He then showed her magic and explained she has some talent to become a sorcerer so he wanted to take her in as an apprentice. She didn’t have a head for it, so she opted to earn her keep as his guardian. Thus him getting hurt was something she felt horrible about because she was supposed to be protecting him.

One last thing to note is that when Chise didn’t know about the bird is that she realized Chise doesn’t know about the College, who wanted to take her in so she received a formal education.

Next episode, it looks like Ashen Eyes will be up to mischief with kidnapping the little boy. How that goes will be a treat to watch. Well… not for the boy, but for us.


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