Mahou Tsukai No Yome (The Ancient Magus’ Bride) Episode 15 Review

So it’s only Elias you’re a dick to. Okay.

The fifteenth episode of  Mahou Tsukai No Yome  (The Ancient Magus’ Bride)  has aired and I will bring you the recap and review of this episode.


The episode opens with Chise coughing blood before collapsing. Using so much magic broke her ring and thus damaged her body, which also puts Ruth in a bad position since he’ll die when she does because of the contract they have as mage and familiar. Oberon takes charge by having Ruth dive into Chise’s shadow to preserve them and then tells Elias to bring Chise over to the land of the fae since time moves faster in the surface world and the hospitals can’t fix what’s wrong with her.

Elias doesn’t exactly enjoy the prospect of going over to the land of the fae, but he acknowledge that its their only choice and leaves Silky in charge of the house while he takes her through the portal from the first episode. He does note the irony that he’s taking her there when she refused to go willingly the first episode. The fae within the tunnel keep referring to him as “failure” and such, but he ignore it until they get a little too close to Chise and then tells them to get lost.

By the time Chise wakes up, she learns that she’s been taken to one of the Fae Kingdoms known as Ant Hill. The doctor treating her explains that her skin and veins couldn’t withstand five days of constantly creating excess magic. Then she contrasts Oberon’s word that she could have gotten proper treatment at a human hospital, citing he just wanted a reason to bring her down there. The doctor then introduces herself as  Shannon, a fairy raised by human parents whose child she was swapped with. In other words, she’s a changeling.

Shannon then  explains that some fairies can succumb to old age and sickness, so she treats them. She also gives Chise some romantic advice on having a husband that’s a fae, explaining that those on this side of the world have trouble communicating with humans. The reason she knows this pops a moment later in the form of her husband, Shanahan.

After some comedic abuse,  it’s explained that Shanahan was the child she was swapped with. He’s a former human taken into the land of the fae over fifty years ago,  thus was changed into a fae by the environment. Shannon lived in the human world without aging until she figured out the truth when he visited her, after which they got married.

She then takes Chise to a pond where the water heals wounds, only to try and drown her despite being attracted to her like any fae would be. She holds her until Chise fights back to reclaim her breath after having a memory from Elias reach her. Shannon then explains that she needed to do so in order to heal properly, as only someone who has the will to live can be brought back from her injured state.

While that’s going on, Oberon takes Elias to meet Titania and Spriggan. The latter  is livid that Elias showed up after that stern warning he gave him in the past, but the former welcomes him. Titania then asks him why won’t he stay with Chise in the world of the fae, which further antagonizes Spriggan.

She believes that the human world is toxic to the soul and that both he and Chise would be better off on this side by abandoning their humanity before Chise dies. Elias refuses the offer because he wants to understand humans. The fae either pity him as a failure or mock him as a half-assed creation, but humans have accepted him time and time again despite fearing him, such as his mentor and Simon and Chise. So he wants Chise to remain human and goes to see her in the pond post-drowning attempt.

Then we cut back to Silky, who is sitting in silence and waiting for them to return as the seasons change from Summer to Fall. She watches the house as told and cleans it up diligently  while waiting for them to return before casting magic on the house and speaking, two things she’s never done visibly while the others were there. But when they don’t return she’s left alone and sad.

We then get a flashback to her past as a Banshee. The Leanan Sidhe we’ve come to know and love spots her along with another of her kind, where its revealed that the family she’s possessing has passed away and thus none of them could hear her voice. She walks until  Spriggan finds her and takes her to the house that would be the one Elias eventually lives in, transitioning her from a Banshee into a Brownie and giving her a purpose in watching over the house in a goddamn beautiful scene.

Chise and Elias return in the Winter, since time passes differently , and it brings a smile to her face as she rushes to hug Chise as the episode ends.


Needless to say, this has done a lot as far was world-building goes in exploring the Fae even more. Remember how I said back in the first episode Fae have myths about spiriting people away? The changeling tale is one of them, where they swap fae with human children. Shannon and Shananan showcase how this affected them both and how the world they were raised in affected them.

Shannon has a close connection to humanity and their understanding of things, but noted that despite how she committed herself to work as a doctor and lived a proper life she wasn’t fully accepted because she aged so slowly. She’s not ashamed of it, but does note that its the instinct of the weak to fear the strange, which we saw in the flashback of Elias’ past and how they turned on his mentor out of fear. However, she’s still a Fae and so she feels the need to pull things like nearly drowning Chise in order to get her to fight back and live.

Shananan, meanwhile, adapted to his environment and became a fae without his consent. His parents didn’t know the truth of how he’d been taken and swapped, and whatever life he could have lived before as a human was taken away from him. Mind you, he probably doesn’t mind so much.

Then we get to Silky and the reveal that she was formerly a Banshee. The family she loved had all gone and with them her life as well, so the Leanan Sidhe tried to encourage her to move on. The cruel irony here does not escape me since she ends up falling for the same despair after Joel passes on.

Here we see Spriggan being a chill dude and not only helping her find a home, but giving her a name because he believes its his duty as a protector to aid the weak. So really, he’s just a dick to Elias because of whatever happened in the past that caused a great deal of spirits and humans to die. I have a little more respect for him now.

And Elias brings up a good point. Regardless of how humans have been bad to him in the past, they’ve accepted him to. Simon, Lindel, Lindel’s Master, Angelica, and Chise have both treated him with friendship or kindness, whereas the Fae largely either pity, mock, or fear him.

Looks like next episode we’re getting a look at Alice’s backstory during Christmas. I can’t wait for that too.

One thought on “Mahou Tsukai No Yome (The Ancient Magus’ Bride) Episode 15 Review

  1. I lovedddd getting to find out more about Silky (and Spriggan, too)! I wanted more out of the episode—it felt rushed—but even so, the little I got was more than enough. Can’t wait for the next one, either!


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