Mahou Tsukai No Yome (The Ancient Magus’ Bride) Episode 12 Review

Reborn as a phoenix.

The twelfth episode of  Mahou Tsukai No Yome  (The Ancient Magus’ Bride)  has aired and I will bring you the recap and review of it as we bring the first cour to a close.


The episode opens with Elias waiting for Chise, unable to muster the strength to do anything until she returned. He muses on how much Chise’s presence has had a stronger influence on him than he realized. Chise, likewise, can’t help but muse on Elias before she wakes up, having passed out in the process of making her wand because she’d been imbuing it with magic without realizing it.

Lindel gives Elias a lot of shade for not teaching her that before he helps her finish her wand using his song magic. The moment Chise touches the completed wand, she finds herself inside of a mysterious place covered in fog where Nevin is. He reveals that she’s at the border between life and death because they’ve established a bond with his wand, and this is how it appears to her.

Since they’re alone, Chise talks to him about how her feelings toward Elias had changed to where she began to become upset he wouldn’t talk to her.  Nevin assures her that Elias wouldn’t throw her out no matter what and that she needs to stop worrying, but Chise fears that what happened to her mother will happen to him. That he’d get bored of her and leave her.

Nevin, on the other hand, feels thankful to Chise’s parents since she’s still alive. As he puts it, a creature struggling to survive will abandon or kill its young since it can have another child later on. Yet, her mother didn’t finish her off and because of that Chise could save other people like Mina and Matthew and help Nevin fly again for a final time. By valuing herself so little, it’s like saying that the people who she saved are just as worthless, and he wants her to be proud of herself since offering her hand to others had been necessary. His last few moment with her are Nevin asking her to think about what she wants to do and her wand will allow her to go wherever she wants.

As she snaps back to reality, Chise takes his words to heart and goes to see Elias by using magic for the first time with her wand. The desire to go home calls upon the local fire spirits and they accomplish this by turning her into a phoenix.  She flies from the Land of Dragons all the way back to the home she shares with  Elias where he’s waiting to catch her.

Elias calls her reckless but welcomes her home all the same before she nearly passes out. She tries to at least get the words she wants to tell him out before she falls asleep, but then has a memory of the past with her father and mother, both of whom could see spirits as well. The happy memory was something she’d forgotten as she wakes up and continues her life with others.

The episode then closes with an amazing look forward to the future.


Now then, this episode closes out the first cour of the series and being Chise back to Elias’ side. She didn’t get to say what she wanted, but she’s at least in a state where she understands herself and desires. She even went so far as to do what Nevin said and think for herself, deciding to go see Elias right away.

We also got a look back into her past and saw her mother and father for the first time, as well as how happy they were. Clearly something happened to change her from being loving to hatred,  though they skimp on it to keep some things hidden. It’s especially painful if you’ve read ahead and have a clue about what’s going on there.

The animation and art were once again on point, once more instilling that the episode looks great, and the background music was inserted at just the right point for the greatest impact.

I’m looking forward to the next season.

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