Mahou Tsukai No Yome (The Ancient Magus’ Bride) Episode 11 Review

Whoever said you can’t touch a reflection in the water clearly never met a mage.

The eleventh episode of  Mahou Tsukai No Yome  (The Ancient Magus’ Bride)  has aired and I will bring you the recap and review of the episode as we continue Lindel’s tale of Elias’ past. What secrets will be revealed about him?

Only one way to find out.


The episode opens with Elias in his room alone, a fire crackling as he sits in silence while Silky comes across the remnants of the bird that had been used as a microphone for Renfred. The scene then cuts back to the past as Lindel and Elias set out once again, traveling and enjoying nature as the former taught the later about the world. Lindel notes that he learned quickly but it was as though he was viewing everything from the outside looking in.

Then one day they entered a village while running low on food. Lindel offered to heal a sick child in exchange for some, but the moment another child spotted Elias within his shadow things went horribly wrong. We’re talking mobs of people with pitchforks, resulting in him getting hurt. Elias promptly cut loose with the thorns and would have eaten one if Lindel hadn’t called out for him to stop and then used magic to cover their escape.

The backlash of using magic leaves Lindel too weak to get out on his own, but Elias is able to use the magic he was shown to find a way out. After that, Elias reveals that he believes that he has eaten humans before. This news immediately startles Chise when she considered the fact that she had what she presumed was a nightmare of him doing so before, but she ultimately decides that its a moot point since she’s seen worse and Elias never scared her.

Lindel stops her from continuing and then tells her to tell Elias about that before revealing his own  answer was just to ask Elias not to eat him, no matter how tasty he looked. After all, plenty of things eat humans. But he does reveal that he was slightly afriad, comparing it finding out that  a cat sitting on your lap feasted on  humans, until he tasted how bad Elias’ cooking was. He also blame himself a bit since Elias doesn’t tell people about himself, partly due to his advice and something else in the past he’s not aware of.

The talk leaves Chise questioning what she knows about him as she drifts off asleep until morning, where she gets rushed by a horde of baby dragons. She ends up taking another dip into the water and, while down there, she sees this amazing eel-like creature that’s the size of a  small train by my account before pulling herself out. It’s so pretty of a scene that you almost wish she could breathe underwater to observe it longer.

Then Lindel cuts her hair while she dries out, using the magic in the hair to serve as a core of the wand since the color is good for magic. Then he has her choose between several different woods to serve as the base of her wand and have her carve it herself. She finishes around nighttime, where we get another amazing scene of Lindel singing as the fae arrive to dance as the flowers bloom.

Chise dances with them until she’s spent and then wanders by the water while wishing Elias could see this scene.  That ends up with the water acting as a mirror to let them see one another through it, with Lindel’s magic allowing for it to happen. Chise notes he looks troubled  and he reveals that he’s basically feeling lonely without realizing that’s what it is and she sends him flowers through the water mirror before telling him she would return soon.

We then cut to Silky burying the remains of the bird in the greenhouse and Elias awaiting her return as the episode ends.



Now then, this episode continues what we learned from the past about both Lindel and Elias. In addition to the healing hands, Lindel’s Song Magic was epic enough that it engaged one of the most beautiful displays of the season and left me wondering why we didn’t get this series out sooner. He also feels like he’s raising two kids with Chise and Elias, both of whom are still inexperienced despite the age difference.

With Elias, remember that Spriggan mentioned that Elias was responsible for something in the past that resulted in both humans and spirits disappearing. Now take that into account with how he believed he ate humans before, and we have something to work with. Maybe in the past he  lost control of himself and had to be put to a stop, resulting in his amnesiac state when they first met. Either way, that incident with the child also serves to explain why he hid himself in town of cats and why he doesn’t like to be around them.

Chise herself doesn’t mind that Elias has eaten people before, mostly due to her own past experiences (we even saw some of the OVA footage there with the mice). But she does want to know more about him and show him the same things that she saw.  That’s one of the things that makes them both work so well.

There’s a lot of lore here too. That thing about how the different kinds of woods had magical properties is very common in occult, along with hair containing magic since its something that grows with you and if you have magic in your body you have it in your hair. These are things that have been passed down throughout the ages and in many different cultures, so the writer of the series clearly knows their stuff.

Anyway, next episode it looks like we’ll be getting a look at Nevin a final time judging from the preview. I can’t wait to see it.


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