Mahou Tsukai No Yome (The Ancient Magus’ Bride) Episode 10 Review

…A fond memory between mages.

The tenth episode of  Mahou Tsukai No Yome  (The Ancient Magus’ Bride)  has aired and I will bring you the recap and review of the episode as we venture into the Land of Dragons once more. What will Chise learn there from Lindel?

Only one way to find out.


The episode opens with a howling blizzard, as wolves attack a cloaked figure within the veil until it clears abruptly. The night sky shines with an aurora as the figure then stands up and we come to realize that its has horns, indicating that its Elias. With that, the opening plays and the flashback ends in the present day once more with Elias and Chise speaking to Lindel’s familiar.

Lindel sent the familiar to have Chise come to the land of dragons to get a wand, since its a tool for conveying your intentions to the fae. However, he wants Chise to come without Elias, supposedly under the pretext of wanting to spend time with his “grand-daughter”. Chise is initially skeptical until Ruth reminds her that he will be there and the dragon beckons her to ride on his back, having previously been one of the children she played with on her last visit. He literally grew up so that she could ride on his back, so its even harder for her to refuse.

The group of three then take flight, with Lindel’s familiar (now revealed to be a Selkie) using a cloaking spell to keep them hidden from sight in a gorgeous display of magic as they accelerate fast enough that they manage to get back in what feels like seconds. When they arrive, Lindel is there to welcome them and gives some exposition on both the Dragon’s Land and himself. Then they arrive at the tree that Nevin turned into it, where he tosses her a saw and tells her she’s got to cut down a branch on her own to use as a wand.

We then cut to Elias, who seems bothered by the lack of Chise in his life at present when a message arrives for him. It comes from someone named Adolf Stroud, part of what they call the College. He wants to talk about Chise’s educational future, as you would expect from a place with the name it has, but we don’t really get to see how the conversation goes as we cut back to Chise and Lindel having dinner.

Chise hurt herself a bit in getting the materials for her wand, so Lindel lays hands on her and instantly heals the scratches. The conversation stemming from that brings up the topic of how fewer mages have been born in the last hundreds of years and how long-lived they are, as well as Lindel’s concern over their relationship being too dependant, which Chise acknowledges is true due to her own past experiences.

Lindel then decides to answer her question on how long-lived mages are by telling her of how he met Elias. As he explains, Mages know they are different from normal humans, born that way by fate as they seek out a reason for living. Many died in search of that truth, but Lindel grew tired of it until he met Elias one night, on the verge of starving.

Elias back then didn’t know anything. He simply remembered walking in a dark forest and avoiding people until he ran into Lindel. Since neither can figure out what exactly he is on their own, Lindel decides to take him to see his Master. To do so, they use an ancient magic technique involving spruce and abruptly enters a fog-laden land until they start walking on the sea.

Lindel’s Master brings him into her home, but she can’t identify him readily. All she can tell is that he’s as close to a spirit or fairy as possible, but there’s a hint of human in him. She does theorize he may have been a human who transformed himself with black magic, but since the only thing he can remember prior to walking is the sight of something red, she charges Lindel with taking him on as an apprentice until he’s independent.

Lindel is more than hesitant, but settles on him being an acquaintance rather than apprentice. Then his Master bequeaths the name of Elias to him, which seems to be a fond memory for him in the present day, before Renfred takes over the messenger bird and tells him that Chise is going to be ruined if he only let’s her live with him. The episode then cuts to a scene of Chise standing in the dark and snow as a representation of that before drawing to a close.


Well then, this was a rather placid, but enthralling, episode. We get to not only learn more about Lindel, but Elias as well.

Lindel’s story is an interesting one, considering the differences he displays from his backstory to the present day. He was a nomad, someone who just wandered around as they made their living, hundreds of years ago. He didn’t have a name until the person he called Master gave him a name of his own. He obviously didn’t hold as much love for the fae, considering their love to be a curse more than anything, but has a familiar now.

He may not be Elias birth-father, but considering how he looks after him and tries to make sure their relationship is healthy, he certainly acts the part. Not that he isn’t a troll at times, with how he convinced Elias to drink seawater. But considering how close they are despite his initial reluctance, it’s seems that it was beneficial for the two to meet when they did.

He also brings up a point Angelica did before, that Chise is too dependent on Elias. Chise is fine with being complacent and ignorant because she doesn’t want to do anything to drive Elias away. Unlike Angelica, he approaches it not by telling her blankly, but trying to relate a story to her.

There looks to be another episode of flashback before we get back to the present and the completion of Chise’s wand, but I’m looking forward to it all the same.

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