Mahou Tsukai No Yome (The Ancient Magus’ Bride) Episode 9 Review

…I’m sorry. I had to do it. It made me laugh.

The ninth episode of  Mahou Tsukai No Yome  (The Ancient Magus’ Bride)  has aired and I will bring you the recap and review of the episode as we see  Chise’s growth after the events of the last episode. Will she come to grips with what that growth entails?

Only one way to find out.


The episode opens with Ruth sitting at Isabel’s grave and telling her how he’s getting used to his new life before cutting to him body checking Chise out of excitement. Elias still hasn’t come out of his room since the battle two weeks ago, with Ruth suspecting that changing his apperance had taken a toll on him. He’s not sure since he’s only just become a fairy, having been a dog with the instincts of one.

Silky then pushes Chise out of the house and gives her pocket money to go shopping, where they run into Angelica and Hugo. Angelica asks how she’s doing after taking her out for a bit and then encourages her to try and gain a little more independace from Elias since she’ll have to be on her own someday. Chise, uncharacteristically, gets slightly angry but quickly backpedals and apologizes.

She then returns home and then makes up her mind to check on Elias by opening the door to his room. Some horror movie stuff happens as the door shuts and Elias snakes over to her, pushing her down instinctively due to not being able to control his body very well. She agres to stay with him like that until morning comes, believing that it doesn’t frieghten her because she’s cursed… all while Silky is getting ready to break down the door with a hammer.

Chise then has a nightmare of her mother strangling her before she wakes up and finds a letter from Elias. Once she’s bathed and eaten, she then sets out to find Elias and searches high and low for him, even going to see the priest that no one likes. Ruth, having a connection to Chise, pegs that she’s afraid of him disappearing and that she loves Elias.

They then stumble across an older man named Joel Garland who has a Leanan Sidhe hanging over his shoulder. She pegs Chise as a Sleigh Beggy and threatens to eat her if she tells the old man about her as he welcomes Chise inside to see a book he’s written. Since the story doesn’t have the markings of someone inspired by a Leanne Sidhe, the question of why she’s haunting a man his age comes up before she cites she has conflicting feelings as well.

When Joel wakes up and escorts her out, Chise asks him about the roses he takes care of. He explains that in the past he saw someone very beautiful like a daydream, when his eyes meet the Leanne Sidhe for a moment. But the moment passes and Chise realizes that the Leanne Sidhe had fallen in love with him, but tells her that’s not the case because she her race love by consuming the lives of the men. She then makes out with Chise and tells her to come visit again.

Ruth then contacts Chise and tells her that he’s found Elias. He’s resting in a forest lake when Chise finds him and asks why he won’t tell him anything. She has an emotional moment where she tells him that, even if it was selfish, she wanted to know more about him. Then Lindel’s familar drops down into Elias telling them that it’s time for Chise to pick up her wand as a dragon looms in the background.


At this point, Chise has reached a point of confusion. She told herself that she wouldn’t mind being abandoned, but now that she’s gotten used to Elias she doesn’t want to. She’s depending on someone who doesn’t expect anything from her, which she feels means that she has been leeching off of him selfishly.

What becomes more obvious later on is that these feelings are the buds of love in the middle of blossoming. Chise had a very troubled childhood, so she naturally shut her heart out to everything. But now that she’s found a place she can call home with Elias, her heart has been opening up to him and with those new emotions she has a bunch of new worries to go with it.

Speaking of love, let’s talk about Joel and the Leanne Sidhe. They met when he was much younger, a meeting that shouldn’t have even occurred given he possess no magical ability, by chance when their eyes locked together. Since then she’s stuck around him despite the fact that he can’t talk to her or doesn’t even know she exists, and he seems to have fallen for her despite only catching a glimpse of her once in the past. It’s ultimately a tragic love, since the Leanne Sidhe clearly wants to be with him but for her race that means drinking blood and consuming life, which Ruth points out would be instantly fatal for a man his age, while he seems to live a lonely life without anyone else.

Finally, let’s talk about Elias. It may be only me, but his body looked different than the previous episode he got mad. Either way, it left his body unadjusted and out of balance, which served to keep him out of the episode for a majority of it. That stirred a sense of longing in Chise which was the catalyst for everything she did this episode, and it looks like next episode we’ll get a look into his backstory at last.

On a side note, this episode comes from  Volume 3 of the manga. If it’s spurred your interest in the series and you want to read ahead, support your local or online retailer by buying a copy.

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