Mahou Tsukai No Yome (The Ancient Magus’ Bride) Episode 7 Review

Surprisingly, the biggest monster was the thing masquerading as a boy.

The seventh episode of  Mahou Tsukai No Yome  (The Ancient Magus’ Bride)  has aired and I will bring you the recap and review of the episode as we come into contact with the main antagonist of the series. What changes will his presence bring?

Only one way to find out.


The episode starts with a black dog sitting over a graveyard before cutting to Alice as her Master, Renfred, is being blackmailed by the wandering Sorcerer that caused the incident with Mina and Matthew. He makes it clear that if Renfred doesn’t get him what he wants, he’ll use Alice as his next experiment, something that bothers her greatly since she’s supposed to be protecting him and not the other way around.

Next we cut to Chise using magic to make medicine with the aid of the spirits around her, though she turns out to have used too much and ended up creating a sleeping potion. Her studies are interrupted as they head to the church to see if the black dog seen before (a Church Grim) is being hostile since it is their last request. On the way, Elias gives her a ring meant to help her live longer by slowing down her body’s production of magic as long as she stays calm, but a familiar would help  as well.

They arrive at the Church as a mangled corpse is found and Elias goes off to talk the ones in charge, leaving Chise to look around. She eventually finds creatures loitering around the graves and one sneaks up on her. Fortunately, the black-haired guy from the last episode saves Chise by promptly one-shotting it before collapsing from injuries.

He then transforms into his Black Dog form and passes out. Chise finds that he was injured in the same way as the corpse before Alice comes in demanding the Black Dog. Chise is having none of that and splashes her with the sleeping potion from before, putting her to sleep.

We then get a look into the memories of the Black Dog, Ulysses. His former owner was a red-haired girl  named Isebelle, who he dearly loved. He then wakes up to find Chise treating him and admits that she resembles Isebelle, who he mistakes for his little sister but died.

Chise relates him to Mina and Matthew, before Alice wakes up next. She’s naturally tied her up at the wrists before asking her why she wanted Ulysses. Alice explains that she needed him since that little brat wanted to create a Chimera using his body, making it clear that while they wanted to refuse him that wasn’t in the cards.

Chise asks if Alice loves her Master, to which she admits unashamedly. Nothing good has happened since she was born and he still took her in. That’s the same as Chise, which gets her thinking as well while Elias pops up out of her shadow.

Elias figures that Ulysses only recently awakened as a Black Dog, hence why he’s confused over his own identity. Alice then asks Elias to do something about Joseph since his chimeras were causing the attacks on the ground and would come after Chise. Elias agrees because he’s a problem that does need to be dealt with.

That’s when they come under attack. Chise promptly gets stabbed taking a blow for Alice from that wandering Sorcerer, who calls Chise a lab rat. Elias promptly flips and goes full-on monster form as the episode ends.


So this episode follows the events of the last arc as we see why Renfred and Alice even got involved with the blight last episode. That thing wearing the face of a little boy has not only been blackmailing them, but has threatened to basically kill Alice if he doesn’t comply.

There’s a comparison between both Renfred and Elias, as both are protective of their apprentices. Renfred considers Alice to be someone to be protected, even if he has to dirty his hands, while Elias has gotten to the point where Chise being maliciously attacked warranted him going monster-form.

There’s also a comparison between Alice and Chise. The two both had awful lives from what they both state, yet they were saved by being dragged into the magical world since they had a talent. Alice is just more concise and clear on her feelings in that she loves and wants to protect him.

Ulysses, on the other hand, seems to be confused about what he is. Considering Elias words, he seemed to have transformed into a fairy creature only recently (hence he gets a human form) and so the change has confused him. Regardless, he loved Isebelle like a sister and part of the reason he protected Chise was because she resembled her slightly.


Anyway, the  confrontation with Joseph comes next week so we’ll see how things turn out then.

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