Mahou Tsukai No Yome (The Ancient Magus’ Bride) Episode 6 Review

Everyone ships them. Everyone.

The sixth episode of  Mahou Tsukai No Yome  (The Ancient Magus’ Bride)  has aired and I will bring you the recap and review of the episode as we wind down from the Cats of Uthar arc. What secrets hidden until now will be revealed?

Only one way to find out.


The episode starts with the sorcerer who caused the whole debacle with Mina and Matthew staring at the bright moon before cutting back to Elias and Renfred, the latter of whom calls Elias out on just letting Chise deal with the blight alone. It’s made clear from their conversation that Renfred is pro-human and anti-fairy, so they’re not exactly going to be friends, but Elias does pry into the fact that they knew about Chise when the auctions were private and the fact that he’s missing an arm. Before any answers can be given, Chise finishes sending off the souls within the blight to where they belong and so they disappear after giving him a warning to be careful with Chise.

Then we get to the real issue, Chise’s lifespan. Elias admits that she only has three or so years in her as things stand, but he’s been thinking of a way to prevent it. He didn’t tell her because there wasn’t a need to in his eyes, since it wasn’t a part of his plans. He wants to understand humans, so he intended to raise a human in his care as an experiment to see if he could learn to empathize with them.

Chise is… surprisingly chill about it, or rather she’s made it abundantly clear until he throws her away she’s his to do with as he pleases and even rejects his offer to destroy the memory since he can do that as she passes out. Elias gets teased by the cats afterwards for a bit and then he decides they should go back home. We then get a slight time-skip as two weeks have passed, yet Chise still sleeps from her exhaustion in the middle of the forest.

Simon pops in to check on her when all of the sudden a song rings out through the forest to herald the arrival of the Queen of the Faerie, Titania. Along with a several seconds long shot of her boobs… that jiggle. Well, I suppose there would be some fanservice.

Simon’s naturally curious, but the moment she recognizes him as being a man of the faith, specifically the Christian faith, she immediately sends him packing. Then her husband, Oberon, pops up to fawn over Chise and does what Elias failed to do in waking her up by gathering magic from the forest itself (in a very beautiful sequence).

Chise, naturally, gets confused over these strangers. More so when Oberon starts pressing on them having children before his wife has the hounds attack him… and then reveals he gets off on the pain. But the question of kids does leave Chise curious and blushing, which also leaves Elias feeling some kind of way.

Titania then decides to leave after extending an offer for them to come to the land of the Fae, but Spriggan tells Elias to keep his half-baked butt on this side of the mound. Apparently something happened that caused a ton of people and spirits to be lost because of him, but Oberon blames the humans of the time and states those in the human’s shadows like them get the short end of the stick.

Simon manages to pop out of the forest as Chise and Elias head back to their home. Silver greets them with food and Chise feels happy before the episode closes on the appearance of a man in black calling for a woman named Isebelle.



So this episode revealed more about Elias, giving us the insight we’ve been looking for on him in these past few episodes.

Elias is apparently something that failed to become human but can’t return to being a fairy, leaving him between the worlds. He’s half-baked, a fact that makes him a unique and troubled being. So he’s been seeking out someone to help him understand humans and be more like them, since he really doesn’t seem all that fond of the Fae beyond professional courtesy.

And you sort-of understand where he’s coming from when you meet the Queen and King of the Fae, Titania and Oberon.

Titania presents herself as regal (and let’s be honest, she’s hot), calling Elias one of her subjects while Oberon mentioned he was happy seeing his growth. But, Titania wasted no time in banishing Simon (though, it could have been so much worse for him given how Christianity tends to not play nice with other faiths) and, for as happy go lucky as Oberon presented himself, the moment he started commenting on Elias having false kindness I got chills from that smile he made. And Spriggan just doesn’t like Elias at all for whatever he did in the past that they don’t tell us about.

Still, they clearly ship Elias x Chise. In fact, everyone is shipping them. Really, they’re betting on the number of children they have… which brings up other questions, but we won’t touch on that.

As for the sorcerers in the episode, Renfred’s disdain for mages is apparently very well known among their community and the relationship he has with Elias is always one of hostility, albeit not to the extent of killing one another. That being said, he clearly didn’t like having to retrieve the blight, which is why Chise noticed that he looked relieve it was taken care of. And, considering Joseph’s appearance in the show and previews, it’s pretty clear the man his holding knives to their throat.

Last is the appearance of the man at the end of the episode. If you’ve seen the OVAs, you know who he is, but I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t. We’ll just have to wait until the confrontation with Joseph, so bear with the mystery for another week or so.

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