Fate Apocrypha – Episode 17 Review

 It’s kind of hard to feel bad for Jack or her Master when they’re basically serial killers

The seventeenth episode of Fate Apocrypha open with Sieg waiting for Jeanne to arrive to take him on a date. They state its to act as bait for Jack, but it was actually Jeanne’s host, Leticia’s, idea. She’s a shipper watching from inside and cheering them on.

The date then moves onto grim topics, talking about Assassin’s master and how they believed she was meant to be a sacrifice to summon Jack but instead became just like her. They hope that Jack is forcing her, but we know that isn’t the case as we cut to the woman playing piano with Jack.  She thinks that its practically a dream come true since she met Jack even as the camera cuts to show signs that they murdered someone to get to it, so… yeah…

Jean basically has to drag Sieg into having fun because he’s dense, but he does think that coming to understand people will help him find the right way to live his life. Jean points out that this line of thinking has shown he’s grown, but he’s still reckless with his life. She then gives him some exposition on how she gave up everything in her previous life and accepted that some people would see her as evil, leading to her being burned at the stake. Seig doesn’t get the details, but praises her for doing her best and she starts blushing.

Then we go back to the Red Faction, with Shirou asking why Achilles is meditating while Atalanta goes off to watch  the town. Achilles then asks him why he wants to save the world and if he had no hatred for the men who kill him. Shirou reveals that he hated everything, but threw it all away for mankind’s salvation despite the costs. That’s good enough for Achilles, so he departs after some light teasing of Semiramis.

Back with the date, Sieg also questions if Shirou can really save the world and if Jeanne shouldn’t be helping him. She states that if he was right then stopping him would just be her own arrogance, but they are Servants and not supposed to be leading people, just helping them from the shadows. Then Sieg snaps off some innuendo before Jack makes her move.

Since the fog is covering Trifas, Jeanne has everyone run to take cover when they hear a scream in the distance. Sieg gets separated from Jeanne and runs into Jack’s Master, who promptly triple-taps him in the heart. It doesn’t kill him and he destroys the gun, so she runs.

Jeanne meanwhile runs against Jack, who tries to use her instant kill Noble Phantasm against her, Maria the Ripper.  Unfortunately for Jack, Jeanne is resistant to curses so it does nothing but pisses her off. Chiron then shoots off her leg before she gets pulled out with a command seal, going back to her Master.

That’s when Atalanta shows up and kills her Master, who takes an arrow to the heart to protect her. Then Jack gets pissed and goes Lovecraft on them by trapping Atalanta, Seig, and Jeanne in her memories of the past as the episode ends.

Review Time.

So, this episode was basically divided between a light-hearted date where everyone reaffirms their motivations in regards to their actions and Jack trying to kill them and getting schooled. It’s covering ground that’s been covered before,  but adds to the details a bit more.

Jack’s Master was intended to be a sacrifice in her summoning (yeah, I’ve read the prequel manga and that Yggdmillennia mage proved they weren’t saints) but Jack chose to save her instead, forming a relationship with her as mother and daughter. So, think the Caster duo in Fate/Zero and you’re good. Still it was pretty unlucky for Jack that her NP, which  would be an instant kill against any female on the battlefield (so only Atalanta and Jeanne at present) happened to be used against the one who could negate it.

Onto Sieg, he basically feels indebted to Jeanne for giving him freedom. And the girl she’s possessing is totally shipping the two of them together. They couldn’t push this pairing any harder if they tried.

And last was another contrast between the two Rulers made evident. Both died in very violent ways, but Shirou threw away his hatred for everything in order to save everyone, while Jeanne couldn’t bring herself to hate the people who killed her in the first place.  That might explain why Shirou wants to fix a broken system while Jeanne believes they can help but not interfere.

All that’s left is to watch how this ends in the next episode, but I doubt it’ll end without some bodies dropping.

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