Fate Apocrypha – Episode 16 Review

Let it never be said that magecraft was painless.

The sixteenth episode of Fate Apocrypha open with Jack, our favorite murderous loli, in the process of interrogating a guy. She’s so brutal that he caves in and tells her what she wants on the condition that she kills him afterwards. Which she does by ripping out his heart.

Jeanne then gets some character development as her talk with the girl she’s possessing reveals that she knew that she would be executed the moment the war she fought in was done, yet she went through with it anyway because hope would be born from her death. Then the girl brings up Sieg and Jeanne feelings become a lot less clear. Afterwards she wakes up and finds him suffering from some kind of condition.

They take him to Chiron and that reveals that Siegfried’s heart is responsible since their magical energy is mixing. Turning into Siegfried is reducing his lifespan, but they need his power in the end.  So they sideline him while they go to discuss how to deal with Assassin since the constant murders are starting to be a problem.

Since she’s causing problems unrelated to the war, Ruler naturally has to deal with it. However, they hit a snag when they recognize that none of them can remember what Jack’s appearance is thanks to one of her Noble Phantasms. So they’re on the clock for three days to deal with her rampage before going after the Hanging Gardens and are already at a disadvantage.

Caules escorts the Servants to the site of the murder we witnessed and confirmed all of them died by having their hearts crushed after some of them were tortured. Since there’s a mystery at hand, Caules uses magecraft to view the final memories of his life and it is brutal since he’s feeling what the victim’s last moments were like as well. However, that allows him to learn that Jack’s goal is to kill Fiore.

Jack then proceeds to attack the castle with her mist to isolate everyone inside, killing some of the homunculi. Sieg is naturally pissed, so he goes to off to  take care of Jack before she can kill Fiore. The latter manages to buy herself just enough time for him to do so,

Unfortunately, he’s at a disadvantage until Chiron appears to back him up with the rest. So Jack pulls out of the fight and the rest resign to kill the loli before she causes anymore problems as the episode ends.

Review Time.

So, this episode took a dark turn that could have only gotten darker if she actually managed to kill Fiore. I mean, she came damn close, but it really shows just how dangerous Assassin is if you’re not a Servant.

Worse, Jack just wants to kill them while they can’t fight back and is enjoying it. She’s a cold-blooded murderer through and through. Not like the Assassin’s from the last wars in the main series.

We also learned that, as said before, no miracle comes without a price. Sieg is dying because of his transformations, but at the same time he has his EMIYA-like resolve to see his cause through to the end. Let’s hope his fate is somewhat less tragic, yeah?


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