Boku no Hero Academia (Season 2) Episode 25 Review [Season Finale]

The successors of the Symbol of Peace and Symbol of Evil.

It’s here! Episode 25 of Season 2 (or Episode 38 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)  has arrived and it is the final episode of the season, where our favorite anime will draw to a close until Season 3 comes along. It’s been a long ride to this point, but we’ve stuck it out to the very end.

So, let’s get into the recap first.

Giran, a broker for villains, brings two people in particular to the League of Villains. One is Toga, who is a legit serial killer whose victims are drained of blood until they die.  The second is Dabi, who has less crimes under his belt but holds fast to Stain’s ideology.

Shiragaki isn’t all that happy with the newcomers since they were all drawn-in by the misunderstanding that Stain was a part of their group. Ultimately, Kurogiri has to stop them from killing each other, telling him to calm down and that they should at least try to use them. Shiragaki opts to just leave in order to get his head-on straight.

We then go to our heroes-in-training at U.A. Kaminari, Mina, Rikido, Sero, and Kirishima are naturally upset that they lost and believe they lost the chance to go to the Summer camp. Of course, then Aizawa pulls a twist and state that they’ll all be going to camp either way since no one failed the written exam, and those who failed the exams actually need the training the most to get stronger since the teachers were actually going easy on them and left an opening for them to escape. However, he intends to give them “extra lessons” since they failed after all, showing no mercy.

Since they all get to go, they decide to go shopping together (minus Bakugo and Todoroki) at what looks to be the biggest mall in history. They’re immediately noticed by some of the other shoppers since they were filmed earlier in the season during the Sports Festival, and then split up so that they can cover more ground. That proves to be a bad decision since Shiragaki is there, brooding over Stain, and promptly takes Izuku hostage to talk.

Izuku points out that someone will stop him, but  Shiragaki points out that he can kill around 20-30 people before then. So they talk, with Shiragaki getting off his chest that he feels upstaged by Stain and wants to know what Izuku thinks is the difference between them. Izuku puts it into perspective that Stain was understandable since they both were enamored with All Might, trying to live up to their ideals, unlike Shiragaki who basically quits when he gets bored and doesn’t try.

Unfortunately, this gives Shiragaki some inspiration to kill All Might and he decides to get behind that idea 100%. There’s also a glimpse into his past and a severed hand when he mentions that All Might was acting like there was no one he couldn’t save, so there’s some animosity there. Izuku is essentially screwed until Uraraka returns and Shiragaki decides to leave, but not before giving Izuku a warning that the next time they meet he’ll kill him.

Once Uraraka reports the incident, they close the mall and conduct an investigation but don’t find Shiragaki. Izuku is taken down to the station to give the police a report into their conversation, before All Might arrives and apologizes that he couldn’t save him. Izuku then remembers what Shiragaki said about not being able to save everyone, and asks him if that’s the case.

All Might admits that there were times he couldn’t since he is only human in the end. But that’s why he always smile. So that the symbol of peace smiles in their hearts. Even if Shiragaki resents him because there was someone he couldn’t save, he would continue to do so.

Then Izuku’s mother arrives and she’s naturally in tears because her son nearly got murdered in public and out of costume. Izuku tries to comfort her and the police escorts them home, but there’s a very good chance that the students will be targeted in the future. And so the 1st semester of their term in U.A. comes to an end with Izuku vowing to continue to train over the summer vacation and All For One glad that Shiragaki has his conviction, as he is his successor in the same way that Izuku is All Might’s.

Now for the episode review.

This episode was a tense one to close out the season as we see what happens when you’re dumb enough to film the public identities of upcoming heroes. They get targeted out of costume. Worse, with Shiragaki’s power there was literally nothing stopping him from actually killing upwards of 20+ people including Izuku if he didn’t decide to leave peacefully.

The reaction to it was also believable, with the mall being closed afterwards for an investigation to make sure he didn’t set a bomb or something and to try and pick up a clue on his location. Izuku’s mother being worried sick is also a factor, because this is the third time that he’s been targeted by the League of Villains if you count the Nomu snatching him up. He’s just a trainee and he’s already got the villains going after him, so sooner or later something is going to take him away from her for good.

On a less serious note, Uraraka feeling conflicted over her feelings for Izuku is always nice as well. She’s struggling to cope with it overall, but that’s realistic since she doesn’t know what to do about it. She’s at a confusing point in her life, being a teenager and all.

It’s also nice to see that Todoroki has been going to see his mother on his off-days. He looks genuinely relaxed to see her, and his mother clearly likes seeing her son. I can only hope he lives up to his promise to freeing her someday.

Now for the season review.

… This season was freaking amazing! The animation, the music, the story, all of it was amazing from start to finish! It was a spot-on adaptation where the studio did their very best to bring out the full potential of the manga. I was never once bored of it and since a Season 3 has been announced I know there’s more coming!

What a great time to be an anime fan! Watch it! Watch it if you watch nothing else this year!

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