Fate Apocrypha – Episode 12 Review

When did Tsukihime get an anime?

The twelfth episode of Fate Apocrypha opens with another flashback of the Third War, where Shirou reflects on his part in the previous war when he had black hair and was escorting  what looks to be Ilya’s mother, only to have her seemingly murdered near the end. Now, decades later and sporting white-hair, he declares its time to put an end to this war.

With the fighting Servants, Vlad remains at a disadvantage since he’s not in Romania right now, and Karna gives him an out to leave. He refuses to, of course, but then Darnic forces him to use the Noble Phantasm that he didn’t want to use.  Vlad then mutates into what amounts to a vampire and then is forcibly merged with Darnic for the sake of obtaining the grail.

Karna tries to put Vlad out of his misery, but he can’t kill him.  Likewise, Achilies can’t even get close because his invulnerability doesn’t include vampire bites and he would have been turned if Chiron wasn’t a good teacher and saved him. Unfortunately, the homunculi aren’t that lucky and he starts to turn them into Dead, meaning we’re on the verge of a vampire outbreak Tsukihime-style if he’s not stopped.

Back with the rest of the Black Faction Masters, they’re trying to figure out what to do next and have no clue. Gordes points out that the Hanging Gardens being made to carry and store the grail meant they had to have been prepared ahead of time. Fiore then basically takes command and start issuing orders to help them get things back in control.

With Ruler and the others, she tries to use her Command Seal to leash Darnic-Vlad but it won’t work on him now. So instead, she has the Black and Red Faction Servants work together to deal with him. None of them complain,  since heroes are supposed to put down monsters, and she uses a Command Seal to boost their power.  They manage to put a hurting onto him until the Red Faction Servants lose access to their Masters’ mana and can’t move, leaving him to go towards the grail and only Ruler to chase after him.

Darnic then gets near the grail when he’s stopped by Shirou and starts panicking the moment he lays eyes on him.  Shirou then uses Black Keys (favored tools of the Church) to exorcise the vampire and kill him. Then Ruler runs into Shirou and realizes that not only is he a Servant, but he’s a Ruler-class Servant from the last war.

His name is Amakusa Shirou Tokisada and his intention is the salvation of humanity… and that’s all we get before the episode ends.

So this episode basically drops the bombshell that this isn’t a Shirou raised by Kirei, but an actual historical figure who become a Ruler-class Servant and decided to pull a Gilgamesh with staying alive afterwards and going after the grail. Mind you, his plan isn’t to cover the world in mud… probably.

And then we have Darnic, who completely breaks his cool and calm demeanor to become a raving lunatic. He then turns Vlad into a vampire and  merges with him against his will, begging him to stop. I actually felt bad for Vlad being violated by him like that and that prayer at least put him at peace.

The fight was pretty decent too, showing how a Vampire/Servant hybrid was ridiculously OP until a Ruler stepped in and gave them the ability to walk all over him. Looking forward to seeing what Shirou will do next for the sake of his goal.

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