Boku no Hero Academia (Season 2) Episode 23 Review

The ultimate troll of the school.

 Episode 23 of Season 2 (or Episode 36 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)  picks up where the last episode left off and has Aoyama and Uraraka going against Thirteen, who can create black-holes to suck in objects. They’re  naturally at a disadvantage in escaping until Aoyama tricks Uraraka into falling back towards the teacher by asking her if she liked Izuku, forcing him to cut his power to avoid hurting her and creating an opening for them to exploit. So they pass.

Then its Ashido and Kaminari against the principal, an animal whose Quirk gives him enhanced intelligence. The principal basically uses a crane to play dominoes by making a calculation and striking a building, only for it to cause a chain reaction. He basically managed to cut off their escape routes before they even realized it, screwing them over and relishing in acting like a villain (see image page above).

The next team is Jiro and Koda, going against Present Mic standing at the escape gate and letting loose sound-based attacks. Koda is at a disadvantage because the majority of the animals he could call up were driven away by the scream, while Jiro’s Quirk is basically an inferior version of the teacher and can barely cancel it out.  So they’re largely screwed until Jiro has Koda control bugs to attack him, which he was against until he noticed that the teacher was deafening Jiro and he needed to act.  They win, thankfully.

Then we have Shoji and Hagakure, one being invisible and the other having multiple limbs. They’re going against Snipe  whose Homing Quirk allows him to move bullets to his liking.  Hagakure gets around by removing her gloves and shoes, allowing her to slip behind him and get the handcuffs after Shoji played a distraction, though the teacher accidentally groped her since he couldn’t see her.

Last we have Mineta and Sero against Midnight. Sero goes down first to Midnight’s Quirk, which allows her to release sleeping gas from her skin, and Mineta runs away like a coward at first while reiterating his goal was to be a hero because it meant he’d be cool and popular with the ladies.  That turns out to be a trap, given that he did so in order to appeal to her sadistic nature and lure her away from the exit, so that he could be the cool-guy and get both himself and Sero through the exam.

Then it’s Bakugo and Izuku’s turn as the episode ends, with them getting ready to go against All Might. So, they’re screwed.

This episode was fun and had a lot of character development.

I never imagined the Principal would be an evil genius that was straight-up trolling them. I mean, Mina and Kaminari have low grades in terms of intelligence and their Quirks are short-distance, so pitting them against the Principal was the biggest challenge they could muster and he immediately routed them. Then again, he was experimented on by scientists because of him being the only animal with a Quirk, so yeah he probably does have some sadistic urges to work out…

We also learned a little more about Koda. He sounds rather young and acts the part somewhat, but I was getting Skitter vibes from him and how he took out Present Mic.  Now if only he wasn’t afraid of them.

Snipe’s match was pretty one-sided until the invisible girl slipped by him. Though, I have to question who thought letting him use live rounds was a smart idea given that one bad shot could kill a student. I mean, I know his quirk mitigates the risk, but a couple of shots managed to bring down a stone pillar.

As for Mineta, you could tell that he was jealous over Sero getting the knee pillow treatment. But, and his grades back this, he’s smart and plays to his strengths when his cowardice isn’t a factor. Now if only they could do something about him being a human incarnation of lust, he’d be a decent hero.  Though, him being cool is still a long way off by my accounts.

Here’s looking forward to the next episode.

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