Mahou Tsukai No Yome: Hoshi Matsu Hito (The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Those Awaiting A Star) OVA 3 – Review

The third and final episode of Mahou Tsukai No Yome: Hoshi Matsu Hito  (The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Those Awaiting A Star) OVA has aired, a month before the full anime adaptation will be coming, so we can look forward to seeing these characters again in a short time afterwards. Now, since I’ve covered the first and second episodes, I’ll be giving both an overview of the episode itself and my final thoughts on the trilogy.

It picks up where the last episode left off, with Riichi Miura having half his body eaten and the library she came to treasure being destroyed because of a small mistake Chise made. He asks her to fulfill a final request, to deliver a book to someone that he’s no longer able to. The moment she touches the book, she’s drawn into his memories about a regret he has involving the original owner of the book itself, Mayumi Niikura.

He intended to go with her, but ended up getting impaled after taking a bad fall. It’s then implied that he died and his spirit drew him to the Library in the forest. However, he was unable to leave and thus was left with the regret of never being able to see her off.

Chise escapes as the Library fades from existence and then goes to search for the woman at her home, only to learn that not only has enough time passed that Mayumi has become a Great-Grandmother, but she’s in the hospital. There she passes on the book that Riichi wanted her to and can only apologize that he never made it to see her. But Mayumi is grateful that he kept his promise through Chise and returned the book, thanking her and telling her she has a wonderful name.

Chise then returns to where she last saw Riichi to find the  book he left behind for her. She then tells him that she did what he asked as she recalls the time he told her that she had to do her best and that she’d find light in the darkness eventually. Chise, of course, has trouble believing that as she returns to her daily life and is eventually taken from her current home to another one.

The flashback ends in the present time, in which Elias tells her that the Library existed at one point. Known as Mayoiga, a place that shows itself to those who get lost in the forest, those who wander in are allowed to bring just one thing with them when they leave. So when Riichi gave her that book he allowed her to leave rather than remain stuck there like him, and that it brought her fortune in the end.

And, with that, the video comes to an end with them heading to dinner with Silky.


Young Chise remains the main character, but we get to know more about Riichi through her exploration of his memories. He was merely a student who had a wealthy childhood friend that was clearly in love with him and he with her. However, in his haste to reach her he ended up dying and  was imprisoned within the Library until Chise became his final hope in at least having his everlasting regret wiped-clean.

Chise lived up to what he wanted, keeping his promise. And, though her life sucked drastically afterwards, being a prequel series and all, in the future we see that his words did remain true to end. Chise’s dark past has given way to a bright future where she is happy and has found people who love and accept her, as evident by the ending shot with her companions at the end.

The animation and art remain beautiful and fitting too, with no complaints from me.

Final Points

The OVA was bittersweet in that it showed us how tragic Riichi’s story was and that life went back to being rather unpleasant to Chise after he passed on. However, the ending itself was uplifting in that it kept the message that he was trying to pass on: that there was light at the end of the darkness as long as she kept moving forward.

As a whole, the OVAs were wonderful and did a fantastic job in making it so that the upcoming anime series would be well-anticipated. It captured the feelings of the manga exceptionally well for a story that came after the fact, making me sincerely believe it to be part of Chise’s backstory. It also serves to give me some hope in light of the dark things happening in the manga at present and leaves me wanting to see how that story ends by reaching the final pages of the book.

Definitely watch this OVA series, watch the anime, and read the manga if you get the chance.

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