Fate Apocrypha – Episode 11 Review

Well, now you know what Zouken felt when you did the same…

The eleventh episode of Fate Apocrypha continues the war with Atalanta having led Spartacus to Ruler and leaving her to deal with him as Sieg and Mordred’s Noble Phantasms clash.  Both manage to survive the initial blast, albeit with injuries, though its clear Sieg is in a worse condition.

The two Lancers are also clashing with each other, with Vlad temporarily getting a leg up by forming stakes inside of Karna’s body. His Noble Phantasm is based on “being skewered by stakes” as long as the opposition is within his territory, so he uses that to cripple Karna and then sends down a rain of spears to finish him off. However, Karna nukes the stakes by calling up flames, unharmed at all by being skewered from the inside out.

Ruler, meanwhile, has to deal with Spartacus. The Berserker grows more monstrous the more he’s attacked, relishing the pain and asking for more. Shakespeare explains that’s because his Noble Phantasm transforms damage into magical energy, turning him into a bomb once he reaches his limit.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Sieg reaches his limit and ends up about to get killed by Mordred (again) when Berserker abruptly attacks her.  She gets pissed and uses her sword, which ends up being the final trigger needed to push him to his limit. Since Sieg and Rider can’t/won’t move, Ruler uses her Noble Phantasm to no-sell his.

The fight with the Lancers end as well once Karna hears his Master calling for him. Likewise, Darnic calls for Vlad as their castle comes under attack by the flying fortress. Remember how Darnic stole the Holy Grail beforehand?  Well, now the Red Faction is doing the same to them.

Most of the remaining Black Faction Servants head off to reclaim it and infiltrate the flying fortress.  However, Vlad is at a disadvantage since the fortress isn’t his territory and thus he can’t compete with Karna. Darnic then decides to even the odds by activating the one Noble Phantasm he hates with a Command Seal as the episode ends.

Okay, review time.

So this episode continues to trim the number of Servants by ridding us of the remaining Berserker, Spartacus. His death really only serves as a distraction, but its telling that if not for Ruler its possible the stronghold of the Black Faction would have been completely wiped.

Shirou also turns the tide by literally moving the prize they’re fighting for into his grasp, forcing the Black Faction Servants into a place where they are at a disadvantage.  I doubt that the fighting can continue for much longer, so I suspect things will come to a boil in the next episode or two.

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