Boku no Hero Academia (Season 2) Episode 16 Review

Stain is going wild. 

 Episode 16 of Season 2 (or Episode 29 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)  picks up with Izuku heading into Hosu City to show the fruits of his training as the city comes under attack. Endeavor came to Hosu City to find Stain as well, but he’s content with dealing with the Nomus for the time being. That leaves Izuku to go find Iida after learning he disappeared from the other heroes on the scene, which makes it easier for him to figure out that he went after Stain.

Back with Stain vs Iida, Stain reveals he let Iida’s brother live so he could spread news of him before stabbing Iida in the arms and calling both of them fake heroes.  Iida states his brother was a true hero and by ruining him like that, he’d kill Stain. Stain promptly points out his first goal should have been to save Native, who was injured previously, and that things like revenge aren’t what power should be used for as he licks his blood and paralyzes him.

Before Iida can be killed, Izuku shows up to save him after searching for all the places where he’d likely be from a TV report. Stain recognizes Izuku from Shiragaki’s photos and warns him that if he’s too weak he’ll die, before asking what he will do. Izuku announces he will defend the two fallen, before sending a message out for others to come while he tries to drive Stain away.

Izuku manages to get in a decent blow by moving like Bakugo, but ends up getting paralyzed as well. So, while Stain read his movements and state guys like him are a dime a dozen, he praises Izuku for having potential. Then he moves to kill Iida again when Todoroki shows up because he received Izuku’s message.

Better yet, he’s now using both his fire and ice side in conjunction.  Izuku warns him not to let his blood get licked though, and Stain manages to throw a knife and then get close enough to regardless of being forewarned. The only reason that Todoroki gets out of ending up the same as the others is because he ignited his fire-half in time.

Still, Stain manages to get the drop of them and nearly kills Native again when Izuku regains the ability to move. They deduce that the reason is because of the person’s blood-type determining how long it lasts.  They then get ready for Round 2, with Stain getting serious, in order to protect Iida and Native. Their battle makes Iida realize how he’s basically ruined the name he wanted to inherit by going for revenge as the episode ends.

Goddamn what an amazing episode today. Not only do we see Izuku getting his Full Cowling down, but we see that Todoroki has learned from the tournament. Yes, his father is an asshole. But the man is also an experienced hero who still has a lot to teach him, so that means tolerating him long enough to be a good hero.

Also, Shiragaki is a petty asshole. He only sent the Nomus out because he wants to ruin what Stain was trying to do and have everyone forget him being involved. And you can tell Stain has a lot of experience from how he fought Todoroki and Izuku. He read the latter’s movements while outmaneuvering the former, and with his Quirk a single cut can pretty much screw you over.

Looking forward to the next episode already.

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