Fate Apocrypha – Episode 3 Review

….Eh, I ship it.

The third episode of Fate Apocrypha opens with Rider’s master being creepy again before we cut to one of the homunculus gaining awareness and deciding he’d rather not end up dead like the rest being thrown away by Caster of the Red, so he activates his magic circuits and busts free. Unfortunately, having never walked a day in his life, he can only stumble his way out of the lab before passing out in front of Rider and asking for help, which Rider promptly agrees to do and takes him to Chiron.

Back with the other side, Shirou pours tea for the other Masters as Karna goes to kill Ruler and wastes no time. She points out that killing her serves no purpose, but he states its because his Master ordered it and gets ready to one-shot her when Saber of the Black shows up to defend her with Gordes. He tries to manipulate things so that Ruler would help him, but she doesn’t fall for it and so its Saber vs Lancer.

We then get a flashback to Siegfried’s past. He basically did everything everyone else wanted for him and was content. However, he never got to fulfill his own wish and so he died. We then go back to an epic battle between the two where even Siegfried’s invincibility is being overtaken until the sun comes up and they stop before someone sees them.

That over, we cut to the homunculus having a nightmare about the rest of them asking for help but him being unable to do anything. He then wakes up and has Rider and Archer tend to him, though Archer tells him he has three years to live. He will need to find a way to live those years or it would be no different than dying already.

After that, it’s a brief scene of Caules crushing on Berserker before asking about the story of her past. He tries asking if her wish is to have a mate, which it is, but she doesn’t want a homunculus . As for Caules, he doesn’t really have much of a wish, but he’s going for it just in case he needs to, say, resurrect his sister.

His sister is also having a discussion with Chiron about the same topic. He wishes to regain his immortality, which he lost due to suffering from the Hydra’s poison and being unable to die with it. Likewise, she merely wishes to heal her legs with the power of the grail, which is as good as any he states.

Then we cut to Mordred and Sisigou, chilling in a cemetery. She’s basically acting like a child, but he manages to chill her out when they get a message from Shirou saying Berserker is going to attack the enemy castle in broad daylight. As the episode ends, Darnic gathers his forces with the intention of turning Berserker of the Red into one of their pawns.

So, with this we have the introduction of the main character who was in the opening, a homunculus that gained a sense of awareness and will obviously play a huge part in the series. We also got a look into Siegfried’s past and learned the wishes of Fiore and Caules, as well as their respective Servants.  There was also the brief but epic battle, though the animation got janky at some parts of it.

All in all, a good episode.

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