Boku no Hero Academia (Season 2) Episode 15 Review


Shiragaki is a petty asshole.

 Episode 15 of Season 2 (or Episode 28 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)  opens Izuku needing to catch Gran Torino within three minutes to prove himself. He doesn’t make it easy since he’s too fast  to see with his  eyes, but once Izuku manages to stop him from moving he can get full cowling up and put on a good showing.  The rest of his classmates are also training in their different aspects as he takes his first steps towards mastering One For All.

As for the adults, All Might has a conversation with a police officer named Tsukauchi. He explains that Nomu’s DNA is composed of not only a minor criminal, with at least four other people shoved into it. He was modified to hold many different quirks inside of him, and it ended up rendering him nearly-brain dead.  All Might looks horrified as he realizes the one responsible for it.

Back with Stain and Shiragaki. He’s basically got both Shiragaki and his aide under his thumb and threatens to kill them, but Shiragaki manages to get up and rant about how he wants to destroy the society that worships All Might. Stain decides that while their goals oppose one another, they both want to destroy the present society and since Shiragaki has some desires buried within, he’ll see how he grows before getting rid of him later. He then asks to be returned Hosu to complete his business as Iida pieces together that he would return as well and is waiting for him.

A day later, Izuku is moving into the next step of his training by fighting villains since he needs more experience. Since more villains lie in urban areas, they plan on heading to Shibuya and will pass through Hosu city.  Unfortunately, that’s where Shiragaki decides to unleash Nomus as Izuku arrives, with one attacking the train they were on.

That leaves Izuku, Gran Torino, Manual, and Iida to act. Only Iida confronts Stain in an alley as he gets ready to kill another hero named Native, only to get his ass kicked. Stain originally intends to let Iida go, since he’s basically a child in his eyes, but since Iida came after him for the sake of revenge, he decides to nip that in the bud as the episode ends.

It’s going down again. Not even four days into his internship, Izuku finds himself in the midst of a major battle and they have to deal with a bunch of Nomus going wild. Stain doesn’t approve, since it goes against his ideals, and its stated that where he appears crime rate falls since his actions breed better heroes. Is it good?

No. He’s a murderer and someone whose desires have driven him to kill, albeit for what he perceives to be a good reason. However, he’s better than Shiragaki, who basically wants to cause trouble because it amuses him and I feel he should have taken care of him while he had the chance. Oh well…

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