Boku no Hero Academia (Season 2) Episode 14 Review


Taiyaki in a mircowave may be boring, but if it works, it works.

 Episode 14 of Season 2 (or Episode 27 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)  opens with Gran Torino playing a senile and fragile old man before telling Izuku to suit up and use One For All. Izuku thinks the old man is pranking him, right up until he starts using his quirk. The change in his voice pretty much shows he’s gotten serious, and he points out from watching the Sports Festival that All Might sucks at teaching so he’ll whip him into shape.

Izuku’s suit got an upgrade from the company who repaired it. Once he’s got it on, Gran Torino starts kicking Izuku around despite using analysis and prediction to guess his movements at high-speed. It doesn’t work since he’s too green and Gran Torino gives him some advice to stop thinking of One For All as being so special before heading out to get food.

In the same city, Iida is out patrolling with his chosen hero. However, his real goal of choosing that hero was because he believes that Stain will be nearby. Stain himself is actually meeting with Shiragaki, who wants to recruit him. Stain refuses since Shiragaki doesn’t have any conviction and gets ready to fight him.

Izuku manages to take Gran Torino’s advice with his flexible thinking and comes up with something, while we get a look at the other students internships. Bakugo chose to take an offer with one of the five top heroes who wants to try and tame his bad behavior so he’ll be a good hero. Tetsutetsu and Kirishima  get recruited into the same office of a hero known as Fourth Kind, who wants to teach them beyond brute strength.

Uraraka joins with the Battle Hero Gunhead, Itsuka Kendo and Yayorozo work with the Snake Hero Uwabami at a tv station. Jiro trains with Death Arms, Mina cleans up after Mt. Lady, Tsuyu was basically working with marines, and Todoroki works under his father.

Later that night, Izuku trains up with using One For All and doesn’t get any sleep by the next day. Gran Torino reveals All Might was able to use it normally from the start and he beat it into him since All Might’s predecessor was his friend, but died. Then Izuku comes up with the idea to use One For All on his entire body from screwing up with thawing Taiyaki and they get ready to practice as the episode ends.

So, new suit  and new teacher. We learned a lot about One For All, as well as got to see the other students train. I feel bad for Yayorozo since she thought she was taken in despite getting knocked out of the matches early, only for it to be because she looks cute. As for Shiragaki and Stain, we can see already that just because both are villains doesn’t mean they’ll get along. Shiragaki just wants to break things, whereas Stain has a purpose to his madness.

But whoever it is that he calls master believes this is necessary to his growth, and considering the next episode has his name and Izuku’s, it’s safe to say they’ll experience plenty of that soon.

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