Grimoire of Zero Episode 12 (Finale) Review

So, does he keep the demon powers in the future? 

Episode 12 of Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho (Grimoire of Zero) is out and it is the final episode, meaning they have to plug in as much as they can to get things moving towards the conclusion. So Thirteen explains that Sorena basically foresaw everything and must’ve had a plan, but they’re going to have hurry to get the rest of the circle drawn if they’re going to put a stop to the war.

Then they split up to get the job done as quickly as possible, even as the Sorcerers start attacking every town. Holdem decides to try and off Thirteen once they’re done, but doesn’t since he figures letting him live with regrets is punishment as Zero and Mercenary arrive. Zero and Thirteen then begin the ritual while expecting Mercenary and Holdem to hold off the Sorcerers of Zero and their beasts as negotiations breakdown and the battles continue.

Zero and Thirteen finish the ritual, but they need  Albus to help and Mercenary as an offering (not fatally). Once they are in agreement, they basically call forth the king of demons to say ‘No More Magic’ and it agrees using Mercenary’s body. So, that deals with the immediate issue, but both Albus and Thirteen agree things will be a mess for a long time.

Then we cut to three days later. Zero has her grimoire, but she can’t turn Mercenary back to human since using him as a vessel for the demon means his soul has fused with his beast side even more and she burned through her magic reserves. So, she’s going to basically have him stick around until she recovers her magic as she goes around the world to see if magic has spread anywhere else in the last ten years since she created it.

Albus becomes the new State Sorcerer and burns a fake copy of Thirteen alive at the stake so that everyone who lost someone because of him can work together better. They keep the real one alive so that he can be useful in the future, but he warns Mercenary if he screws up with Zero then he will destroy the world. They also instate a magic education program as well to prepare for a magic-filled world in the future.

In the end, Mercenary and Zero set off again as the series ends.

So, Thirteen basically gets away with murdering all the other witches in the cave where Zero and he lived (and they’re apparently brother and sister) and being like half the cause of all the problems in the kingdom. I mean, I knew he didn’t start the plague because it just didn’t mesh, and I get why he thinks nothing of slaughtering the Sorcerers of Zero after they screwed up his plans, but I still think he’s getting off a little too easily.

That, I’m going to have to take points off for. But I know why it ended as it did. It’s because its a Light Novel adaptation and they want you to buy them, which I am sorely tempted after watching the series. Don’t get me wrong, it had a few flaws I’ll admit. But it was a solid series overall, barring the fact that Thirteen is still getting away with murdering everyone else.

I especially enjoyed the interaction with Mercenary and the others. Him and Holdem made for great comedy once they got over their issues. Zero was adorable, though her beauty is apparently enough of a problem that she has more than one creepy guy after her. Albus… she grew on me post-gender reveal.

But, overall it was okay. A decent watch, even if the ending leaves a lot of things open. If we get a season 2, I’d be sure to watch.


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