Boku no Hero Academia (Season 2) Episode 13 Review


And so he walks the path of vengeance.

 Episode 13 of Season 2 (or Episode 26 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)  opens with Izuku catching some attention from the people on the train recognizing him. It turns out a lot of the kids received some recognition for the Sports Festival, a nice reward before they pick out code names with Midnight. That’s because they’re getting the chance to have an internship with pro-heroes to experience what their work will entail.

But all isn’t happy. Iida ‘s brother was left crippled by Stain and can no longer be a hero. While his brother asked for him to take on his hero name, he can’t bring himself to do so just yet and sticks with his own. As for Izuku, he sticks with Deku while explaining he wants it to mean something.

After everyone has chosen their hero names, they’re then given the choice to pick where they’ll be undergoing their internship for the next week. Todoroki gets an offer from his father while Uraraka decides to go sign up with a battle hero in order to get more experience in combat.  Izuku gets an offer from Gran Torino, a hero that All Might knows since he was a teacher at UA back when All Might was a student and knows about One For All. He also scares All Might for some reason, which is worrying to Izuku.

As for Iida, Eraserhead privately notes the location of where he chose to internship and pegs that Iida is going for revenge against Stain. Iida doesn’t say anything to his friends, with Izuku noting that they would all have regrets that day as the episode ends with him arriving at Gran Torino’s place and finding the guy lying face down in ketchup.

So, after that high-impact episode we get to wind-down into the start of a new arc with the younger heroes in training getting some mentorship. Tiny Izuku was adorable in that flashback, but him deciding to take the nickname that Bakugo gave him and make it a name worth remembering as a hero is something we’d expect out of him. And most of the others picked decent names too.

But, the darker side of the episode must be noted. Iida’s brother was crippled by Stain, who killed 17 other heroes. Revenge burns in his eyes, and its clear from Izuku’s monologue that whatever happens will leave them all with regrets in the future. I’m looking forward to it.

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