Grimoire of Zero Episode 11 Review

Okay, I get that as a father-figure he basically want to give his daughter the world, but he took it a little too far.

Episode 11 of Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho (Grimoire of Zero) is out and things move towards the final phase as Zero and Thirteen lead things off with a flashback to the moment they met as they trade magical blows.  You don’t really grasp what’s going on beyond the fact that Zero is far stronger than him and would have pasted Thirteen if Mercenary didn’t get in the way. Unfortunately, because he was still linked to Zero, the damage transferred over to her and thus left her severely injured as the Sorcerers of Zero continue their march towards the capital and their plan to kill Thirteen while Holdem is following them. Albus tries to get them to hold off, but they won’t listen.

We get more flashback with Thirteen basically being Zero’s caretaker and she the only one who seemed to understand his writing, thus creating a sort of connection between the two of them. Then Zero wakes up and explains that she wrote errors into her Grimoire of Zero in order to nerf the spells. That means no one who uses Magic can beat her, so Thirteen decides to call it quits on his plan and side with Zero.

At the same time, Holdem rescues Albus and intends to continue the plan to wipe away magic. They get hunted down by the Sorcerers of Zero, but because Thirteen can spy on them through their necklaces, he, Zero, and Mercenary manage to arrive in time to stop them from killing her. Zero sums up that he was playing both sides but didn’t start the plague that led to Sorena’s death, and they need to resolve this crap.

Albus and Holdem are naturally still not pleased with this, but Thirteen does apologize for Sorena’s death since he could have probably stepped in to stop it. He then removes Albus from the contract so that she can attack him with magic if she chooses to. However, he asks that she at least give him a chance to right his mistakes as the episode ends.

Okay, the redemption feels… very hasty.  Thirteen has a lot of blood on his hands. And I mean a lot. He killed all of the witches in the cavern where Zero and he stayed, and more, for the sake of a dream that Zero didn’t even want. And I’m still trying to figure out why Mercenary didn’t let her paste him with that spell, considering all the crap he was put through.

But, I really don’t see him living through the next episode and will just be chalking it up to plot convenience since all his presence does is basically provide one big target in the end. So, while I’m not pleased by it, I will let it slide because given everything that happened I don’t see him walking out of this alive.

I will, however, compliment Zero on her failsafe in the Grimoire. She basically ensured that no one using the same magic as her can win since they don’t know the true incantation, which is smart I’ll admit. Good job there.

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