Grimoire of Zero Episode 10 Review


Episode 10 of Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho (Grimoire of Zero) is out and there’s been a lot of reveals in it. It starts with Mercenary breaking into the castle using sheer strength and landing in the same room as Zero, who basically explains that he’s fallen straight into Thirteen’s trap and is still upset he left her, to the extent of  crying and begging that he doesn’t leave her again. Of course, the moment is ruined as the trap is sprung and they’re pulled into another forced summoning.

Back with Albus, she basically can’t get through to the others when they get an order from Him by a rat familiar telling them to go lay waste to the capital in order to get rid of Thirteen. If things couldn’t get worse, the Sorcerers of Zero then prepare to sacrifice Holdem… but he lucks out since one older witch decides to go along with Holdem and Albus’ plan to erase magic, since that will bring peace. He got real lucky, basically.

And then comes the big reveal when Mercenary tries to explain they can have Zero get rid of all magic. Thirteen doesn’t want that since he’s basically playing both sides, and he’s the one who stole the grimoire. He wanted to make a magical kingdom for Zero to rule over, aligned with her dream, but since all those other witches have made things messy he’s arranged it so that they come to try and kill him and then die because they all signed those nifty contracts. He also killed all the magicians in the cave because they didn’t go along with his plan to bring Zero into the outside world.

When Mercenary calls him out on not asking what Zero wants, he decides to waste him. But at this point he’s mad enough that he screws up and Mercenary frees Zero, allowing her to get free and the two prepare to go at one another seriously as the episode ends.

So, this episode brings everything to a point where they are heading up to the finale. Thirteen is revealed to be the ultimate villains, which I call a waste since the thought of him becoming evil to fight evil would be a more interesting story than one sorcerer who’s gone nuts over Zero like the shopkeeper from before. Ah well, it’s still a good series and I’m looking forward to the next episode.

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