Boku no Hero Academia (Season 2) Episode 11 Review

The Hero Killer, Stain.

 Episode 11 of Season 2 (or Episode 24 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) starts where the previous episode left off with Izuku losing his match due to being both knocked out and pushed out of the ring. Most of the audience doesn’t understand the reasoning behind his actions, so it appears he was just being reckless, made worse by the fact that he did permanent damage to his body by using his abilities like that. Recovery Girl chews All Might out for encouraging him and Izuku apologizes for being so reckless, but they can’t say that he didn’t try to be a hero.

The next matches are breezed through with Iida and Tokoyami winning their matches in an instant before Izuku is healed enough to walk. On the way back, All Might reveals he was also born Quirkless and that his mentor gave One for All to him and raised him to be a hero. So when he looks at Izuku, he sees someone like his old self and beyond, inspiring him to continue learning to use it.

That touching moment then leads to a scene with  Iida’s brother, a Pro Hero, stumbling across a person known as the Hero Killer. The end result isn’t known just yet as we cut to Iida and Izuku talking about him as Bakugo and Kirishima go at it. Kirishima manages to last for a while, but Bakugo eventually overwhelms him with a vicious carpet bombing.

After that Iida goes against Todoroki and puts up a good match, but loses due to Todoroki being a lot trickier. Made worse is the fact that we then cut to Iida’s brother lying bloody and beaten by the Hero Killer. He only learns that fact after Tokoyami loses to Bakugo, who figured out his weakness and uses the equivalent of a flashbang on him. The episode ends with the Hero Killer, Stain, being called to meet with Shiragaki.

As much as it pains me to admit, both Mineta and the others in the audience have a point that no Pro Hero is going to want someone so self-destructive under their belt since you can save anyone if you’re hurting yourself that much in the process. But he has the spirit of a hero undeniably, so all that’s left is for him to learn to use it without breaking his body. Bakugo also shows his intelligence by exploiting the weaknesses of his opponents the moment he figures it, hinting that he’s more than an arrogant jerk, but has brains to backup his brawn.

The focus on the Hero Killer, Stain, is also setting up what looks to be a future plot point. We see him being invited to meet with the antagonist of the previous arc, and because Iida’s brother was injured there’s sure to be some personal investment there. How it all goes will be a delight to see, so here’s looking forward to the next episode.

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