Grimoire of Zero Episode 9 Review

Wow.. really?

Episode 9 of Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho (Grimoire of Zero) is out and the hunt is on, with Mercenary and Holdem taking Albus to shelter to warm him up. There, Holdem asks when the urge to eat humans first came over Mercenary, who claims that he’d never eaten a person regardless of the urges and then changes the topic to Albus’ cross-dressing.  Holdem suspects that it was to hide from Thirteen as Albus wakes up and everyone gets filled in on what’s been happening.

Unfortunately, they’re in a tough spot. Everyone who became a Sorcerer of Zero signed a blood contract to the person who stole the Grimoire of Zero in the first place that will kill anyone who breaks it, which includes Albus. So he can’t actually lay a finger on the guy and instead comes up with the idea to have Zero just get rid of all the magic in the kingdom by using a giant magic circle. That means they can start over, this time using magic like Zero envisioned.

However, they first have to get back to her. Albus wants to use a spell to track her, but they need an item to use that belongs to her and the only thing they have is the robes she had given to the creepy pervert running the clothes shop. So they come up with a plan, just as the assassins attack them and barely managed to get away.

Then they get back to the shop-keeper and find that he’s framed Zero’s clothing, I kid you not. Dude has a lot issues and they have bribe him with Zero’s socks to calm him down (for about 5 seconds)as they start the spell. They manage to figure out where she is and Mercenary goes running back to get her while Holdem and Albus work on the magic circle to rid the kingdom of magic.

Unfortunately, the Sorcerers of Zero arrive and make it clear they intend to go to war with the kingdom, inspired by Albus’ words, Naturally, when she reveals she intends to get rid of magic, they take her to be tried with Holdem and they have no choice but to surrender, So now Mercenary continues his climb up the castle as the episode ends, the fate of everything on his shoulders.

Wow, this episode kicked things into overdrive and it was so good. They called back to a lot of the things covered in the previous episodes, from the old woman who tracked Mercenary down to the perverted shop-owner. And the banter between the two beastfallen was a thing of beauty as they couldn’t help but try to one-up each other.

A surprising amount of depth to Holdem’s character was revealed too. He’s shown to be able to even draw magic circles, understand how magic works, and knows the easiest way for Mercenary to infiltrate the castle.  But he’s still perverted in his own way and, and I couldn’t help but laugh when Holdem stated if he were Thirteen he’d lock Zero in his bedroom, which is exactly what he did.

Still, the episode ended on a heck of a cliffhanger and that title sounds really ominous. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

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