DanMachi Gaiden – Sword Oratoria Episode 7 Review [Dropping]


I’m dropping this, so no point in wasting space for an image.

The seventh episode of DanMachi Gaiden – Sword Oratoria is out now and, it basically starts with a brief scene of Dionysus and his guardian at graves before transitioning to Aiz being offered a quest by Fels. He wants her to investigate a monster outbreak on the 24th Floor, figuring there would be a link between it and the red-haired woman who kicked Aiz up and down the 18th floor a few episodes ago. She agrees and only asks he delivers a message to Loki, who is in a meeting with Dionysus about that and sends Bete, Lefiya, and Filvis to go back her up.

We then cut to the the red-haired Tamer talking with someone on the 24th Floor in a goat-mask before Aiz heads down to Rivira and meets up with her new companions for the quest. It’s Lulune and other members of the Hermes Familia, including Asfi aka Perseus, who explains the nature of the quest. They’ll be heading to where a monster Pantry is located and see what the problem is, but before they go Aiz leaves Bell’s protector with Bors until she gets back.

Back with the others, Lefiya tries to make nice with Filvis but its like talking  to  a brick wall. Then we get her backstory, that she survived an incident called the Nightmare on Level 27 six years ago and Dionysus hopes they can help her open up before running into Hermes. Since the latter’s children are also heading to the 24th floor, he tries to get some info as well over a drink.

Aiz and the others make it 24th floor first and they find the monsters swarming down a path, only for Aiz to basically just kill them all for practice while Lefiya’s group make it to Rivira. There they find the Pantry blocked by vines with Revis (the red-haired Tamer) waiting behind it with her companion. The pretty much sic the plant-monsters on the group to separate  Aiz from them, leaving her to face many of them alone while they go ahead with the quest. So Aiz once again faces Revis as Lefiya’s group hurries along to catch up with her as the episode ends.

…Okay, I tried. I really tried. But the Anime once again neglected to mention a lot of things,  like 3 manga chapters worth of character development that’s supposed to get us familiar with the Hermes Familia so that when shit goes down you understand the nature of their struggle.

For me, that was a crucial part of what made this side-story amazing enough that I was willing to consider it superior to Bell’s story for a time. But… no. No. They screwed it up again.

I’m not even going to waste time my time anymore with the anime. I’m dropping it. If you want to see how the story plays out, I’d suggest taking a day or two and READ THE MANGA.

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