Boku no Hero Academia (Season 2) Episode 9 Review

Bakugo is a believer of gender equality. 

 Episode 9 of Season 2 (or Episode 22 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) has come out and Uraraka has to go against Bakugo. He warns her he won’t go easy on her while Izuku points out that Bakugo has next to no weaknesses in close-combat and he’s good with his explosives, so the best she can do is make contact with him and use her Quirk to make him go out of bounds. Unfortunately, Bakugo also knows that and proceeds to focus on trying to blow her up.

She does manage to trick him once with using her jacket, but Bakugo has lightning-fast reflexes too and doesn’t let up. It’s brutal to watch,  so brutal that some of the audience call Bakugo out on it.  Eraserhead, however, points out that he’s acknowledging her strength and that’s proven when she basically drops a crapton of debris that was floating above them on his head like a meteor shower.

However, her final play falters as Bakugo basically fires off a giant explosion big enough to reverberate around the stadium and knocks all of it away. And when he goes in for the finish, she can no longer stand and loses the match. Bakugo assumes that Izuku came up with the plan, but the latter corrects him that it was all her efforts as Kirishima makes it to the next round as well.

Uraraka takes her loss hard when she gets called by her father. He saw the match and thinks that she was amazing, but she laments she didn’t have a backup plan and hates that she didn’t get further to impress the scouts. That was her ticket to helping her parents out, so it leaves her in tears as her father states he’s proud of her regardless.

Then Izuku runs into Todoroki’s dad, Endeavor, who continues to be a dick, before heading out to face Todoroki. As their match is getting ready to be broadcast, we get a cut to Shiragaki, the dude who led the villains to attack the training facility last season, watching at the same time as Izuku’s mother is crying for him to be safe as the episode ends.

So this episode centers around Uraraka’s efforts to be a pro hero for the sake of her parents. Bakugo is obviously a beast, showing no mercy, but she gets points for effort and its enough to where Bakugo uses her actual name instead of some insult. However, another implication here is how easily Bakugo was being called out on his brutal actions by the public, while Eraserhead looks beneath the brutality to see his point of view.

That’ll come into play later on.

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