Grimoire of Zero Episode 7 Review

Pretty colors, but it doesn’t amount to much before things go pear-shaped.

Episode 7 of Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho (Grimoire of Zero) is out and the episode picks up where it left off, with Thirteen screwing over Mercenary and Zero being upset. Mercenary departs and runs across a couple of other beastfallen who have been called in to deal with the witch hunts, before getting talked into helping another woman for the festival.

Tavern Girl manages to rope him into talking about his dreams  and then encourages him to dream big, but asks if he can turn back human, why hasn’t he done so already. He states its because he doesn’t want to get involved with any trouble. Of course, he gets into trouble when night falls and some rowdy beastfallen come into the tavern. He kicks them out, but realizes that she intended to use him for that purpose all along before leaving (after paying, because he’s a good man).

Back with Albert, he’s still dealing with the fact that his mentor killed all the other witches in the cavern when Thirteen comes to him to restate his offer. Albert throws water in his face , but he still tells him he’ll give him another chance tomorrow when Zero storms in. And she’s pissed about what he did to Mercenary.

Mercenary doesn’t have that luxury though. The wolf beastfallen from a few episodes ago pops up to kill him after Zero basically skinned him of his fur. However, he learned his lesson and instead brought witch back-up, who plan on taking his head. So while Zero confronts Thirteen, Mercenary is forced to flee from the witches after him who also turn on the wolf

However, before Zero and Thirteen can go at it, Mercenary gets shot with a magic arrow but the damage transfers over to Zero due to the magic she placed on him while he was bathing. Thirteen calls her foolish and then takes her off to be healed while Mercenary gets triggered by being called a monster and gets ready to tear the throat out of the witch who shot him.  It’s only a memory of Zero that snaps him out of it and he leaves the witch behind, sparing her.

Then he passes by the wolf beastfallen, currently bleeding out, and learns that he was asked by Sorena to protect her granddaughter. Mercenary is still willing to let him die, but once he mentions that Sorena’s granddaughter is close to the guy who stole the grimoire, he decides to hear him out. As for Thirteen, he bandages Zero’s wounds and lays her to sleep, saying she should have never seen this sullied world before the episode ends.

Good episode. Good episode. It shows a bit more with how things are in the Capital of the Witch Hunts. They basically admit that they burn witches to set the people’s minds at ease regardless of their affiliation, and they’ve taken to letting beastfallen into it wholeheartedly to help in that regard. It’s also apparent that the people aren’t all that satisfied with the way things are either, but they see it as a necessary evil.

It’s a shame too, because while I liked that tavern girl and understood why she did it, Mercenary really didn’t deserve to be used like that. But Zero, she wasn’t kidding when she said she’d protect him. I mean, to really place a wound-transferring spell on herself must’ve meant she was really fond of him. No wonder she was getting ready to kick Thirteen’s teeth in.

Oh, and Albert apparently has a lot of potential and so Thirteen wants to guide him. All things given, I can’t say that’d be the best thing, but his situation is really looking grim. Next episode will be a treat to watch.

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