Samurai Jack (2017) – Episode 10 (Series Finale) Review


I’m not happy with this ending. I’m really not.

The Tenth and Final episode of Samurai Jack has aired and it begins with  one of the Scotsmen’s daughters coming to tell him the bad news. He points out the entire world knows since Aku is being a dick and airing it. That includes all of Jack’s allies throughout time, who gather around the television to watch what will happen next.

Aku starts with a backstory akin to what Jack states in the old intros, only he basically spits on it and gloats that he captured Jack and the sword. He basically intends to kill Jack, but he honestly doesn’t really know how he wants to execute him. Jack tries to reach Ashi, but its no good since she’s basically drowning in the darkness in her own head when Aku decides to have her deal the killing blow.

Before she can do it, every one of Jack’s allies get off their lazy asses and go after Aku (how long did it take him to settle on that anyway?). They can’t really can’t harm Aku meaningfully, but it gives Jack time to go after the sword with only evil Ashi standing in his way.  Unfortunately, Aku then turns some of his allies into mini-Aku and they start fighting their former allies.

Both battles look like they’re going poorly until the Scotsman shows up with reinforcements and uses his bagpipes to gives Jack an introduction to all of his daughters, before trying to hook him up with one of them. Since Jack is in a relationship, he declines as a giant stone samurai starts pounding on Aku and instead focuses on trying to pull Ashi back to their side. At this point, Aku loses his cool and starts murdering everyone until the Scotsman pushes his attack back with the bagpipes again.

Jack finally manages to reach Ashi after confessing he loves her. She proceeds to start using Aku’s powers against him, get Jack’s sword back for him, and then open up a time portal so that he finally gets back to the past. Jack wastes no time in taking past-Aku to pieces, eventually killing him there.

So the past is at peace, with the various people he’d trained under gathering together in celebration of his wedding with Ashi… unfortunately, she dies since she doesn’t exist after he kills Aku and Jack goes into grieving for a time before looking over the rolling hills of the past as the sun shines down and it all ends.


Well, it’s over. After years off the air, Samurai Jack has concluded. It honestly feels rushed, and a bit depressing since it means that, with her literally disappearing in his hands,  the future itself will have changed to where none of the people he knew exist anymore.

So Jack accomplished what he set out to do, but it was at great cost to himself. The romance legitimately felt like it was rushed, but… well, we only had ten episodes. It is what it is….

No, screw that, I want to at least what the new future was like! I want to at least see that the future he saved was worth the costs! How could you do this to us!? Why wasn’t this an hour long at least!?

You can’t tease us like that Cartoon Network! You have to give us goddamn closure! Even Iron-Blooded Orphans took 15 minutes to show how life went on after Tekkadan died off.

Screw it. It was fun while it lasted, but that ending can go suck a lemon.

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