DanMachi Gaiden – Sword Oratoria Episode 6 Review


The sixth episode of DanMachi Gaiden – Sword Oratoria is out now and starts with the Monster Rex Udaeus being reborn and Aiz deciding she’s going to solo it. Riveria notes that the monster is capable of wiping entire parties and that Aiz doesn’t stand a chance on her own, but Aiz manages to take it out along in like 3-4 minutes tops.

Once the fighting is done, Riveria talks with Aiz and learns that the Tamer called her Aria, which basically explains everything to her. She then gives Aiz the “we’re all family” speech and to depend on them more, before heading back to the topside of the Dungeon. That’s where they stumble across Bell after he’d gotten through testing out his Firebolt spell and Aiz gives him a lap pillow on Riveria’s suggestion.

Naturally, Bell wakes up and then rolls off after realizing he’s getting a decent view before she goes back home. Loki updates her Status after having a talk with Eina from the guild, and Loki basically announces to the world that Aiz leveled up.  But Aiz doesn’t feel as much happiness as she expected and doesn’t know why.

Then the other Level 6s and Loki have a chat about the incidents and plan their next expedition into the Dungeon, only to learn that Aiz has gone off to the Dungeon alone to try to sort out her head. There she runs into Eina again, who wants to thank her for saving Bell and then asks her favor to go save Bell again, only for him to run off to save Lili after she swindled his knife. That’s when she’s approached by the mage called Fels, who has a quest for her as the episode ends.

Strictly speaking, they rushed the battle with Udaeus compared to the manga. That was a thing of beauty, while this was pretty damn tame. I think they were trying to push along the plot after they dragged their feet before, but the battle felt really underwhelming and the episode itself doesn’t have much weight aside from the fact that Aiz leveled up and Fels showed up at the end.

In fact, I’ll come out and say it, go read the manga. It was so much more epic. She had to literally force her magic to wrap her broken fingers around her sword to fight off a half-dead boss and his undead minions with a broken leg:


Skip the anime. Read the Manga, Chapter 15 – 16. You’ll thank me for this.


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