Boku no Hero Academia (Season 2) Episode 8 Review

She’s shameless and I love it. More Mei please. 

 Episode 8 of Season 2 (or Episode 21 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) has come out and now that Izuku and Todoroki’s matches have ended, all but assuring the pair will do battle soon, we have to get into the matches of the other finalists after the ice finished thawing from Todoroki being pissed. Kaminari basically tries to flirt with his opponent, declaring his victory, only to get beaten in a flat second by Shiozaki with her vines.

Izuku basically jots down a bunch of notes in preparation for his match, before revealing he’d been taking notes on everyone in his class, which amazing Uraraka. Then Iida goes against Mei from the Support Department. It’s… it’s basically a one-sided embarrassment as she uses him to make a name for herself before dropping out. The poor bastard.

Then its Mina vs Aoyama. Izuku pegs that the latter would try to keep his distance, but Mina would win if she could get close enough. Mina basically remembers that the latter gets a stomach ache if he fires off his shots too many times or too long and waits for that before she basically pants him and then gives him an uppercut, earning the win.

After that’s it’s the Birdbro Tokoyami vs Momo Yayorozo. Izuku pegs that it’ll come down to timing. Without any time to plan or focus on her quirk, Dark Shadow knocks her out of the ring before she even realizes it. Then its Tetsutetsu vs Kirishima, both with hardening quirks, that result in the pair slugging it out while we cut to Uraraka.

She’s naturally feeling nervous since she has to go fight Bakugo, but then Izuku goes to find her since all the other fights went the way he expected. He fully acknowledges that Bakugo would go all-out on her since everyone was going for the number one spot, but he wants to help her beat Bakugo with his notes. Uraraka refuses on the grounds that she wants to do it on her own since everyone else is giving it their all, and she’s rivals with him too.

Kirishima’s match ends in a draw until they recover, leaving the next match about to begin as the episode ends.

So this episode basically showed everyone doing their best against one another in friendly competition, while also showing that Izuku’s analytical abilities. He pretty much called everyone’s capabilities with his notebook that was seen in the very first episode, containing what he knew of all his friends and people he’d met. This is a reminder that his true strength isn’t just One for All, but his intellect.

The match between Uraraka and Bakugo is guaranteed to be decent judging by the end of the previews. He’s hoping she takes him down a peg.

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