Samurai Jack (2017) – Episode 9 Review


You know, I honestly kind of saw that twist coming.

The Ninth episode is out and begins right where it left off, with both of them deciding that they need to clean themselves up before getting to the kissing. The aftermath of the kiss is still awkward as, well you can imagine since they’re both virgins and clueless. Jack hops outside while Ashi goes to find clothes and she ends up stumbling upon him in what amounts to a shower… okay.

Anyway, once that’s out of the way, Jack has a talk with his reflection telling him not to screw this up and when night falls they talk over a bad dinner. Jack tells her about his past, how the world looked from his father’s palace and such before Aku showed up to ruin his life. Then they go to sleep and Jack runs off by the time Ashi wakes up, while the stupid robot head makes it to Aku’s tower to tell him about Jack missing his sword. Aku is so happy by the revelation that he fixes the dumb robot and does a little dance.

Back with Jack, he ventures out alone until he stumbles across a familiar place. It turns out to be the Guardian’s place, where he got his ass so thoroughly kicked that it took a vision of his future-self to stop the man from killing Jack. It was a great episode.

Unfortunately, Aku basically sent a robot army to decimate the place and we see that Guardian is probably dead. Ashi then catches up to Jack and he admits he’s afraid of her dying after Aku took everyone else from him. Naturally, Aku decides to pop in there and gloat he knows Jack has lost his sword… right up until Jack whips it out.

Aku  then blasts the stupid robot and tries to run until he smells his scent inside of Ashi and realizes that she’s basically his daughter.  Aku then uses his powers to control Ashi into fighting Jack until she begs him to kill her. Jack can’t bring himself to do it and she gets ready to kill him, until Aku stops her in order to take the sword from Jack as the episode ends.

You know, I honestly kind of find that the conversation between the two rather honest given that they’re both haven’t been in a romantic relationship.  And the throwback to the Guardian was excellent, if tragic given that it was likely the last time portal that he was meant to use. As for the ending…

That was dirty Aku. That was the dirtiest thing he’s done to Jack on a personal level (he’s done a lot of bad things overall) and that’s saying a lot. So he seeks to crush his spirit after the man just got out of his slump.

Either way, the next episode is the final one and we’ll see where it all ends: Victory or death.


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