Boku no Hero Academia (Season 2) Episode 7 Review

The first win… 

 Episode 6 of Season 7 (or Episode 20 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) begins with Izuku in a pinch as he’s fallen under the control of Shinso’s Quirk, which is literally Brainwashing. It’s revealed that he failed the practical exams for Hero Course, which is why he’s in the General Course, because the exams favor physical abilities like All Might’s strength.  Unless you can overcome it, you’re screwed once you answer and fall under his power.

Izuku is basically a prisoner within his own body, only able to lament his own stupidity since he was warned beforehand.  However, he sees silhouettes within his mind of eight (or nine) other people before he reaches the edge of the ring and they trigger his power to snap him out of it. So basically, he got real lucky at the cost of breaking his own fingers.

Izuku thinks to himself that it was One for All itself, which was made up from the previous wielders of the power, that basically snapped him out it. Since he’s been given a second chance, he keeps his mouth shut so Shinso can’t use his power again. Shinso goes on a rant about how Izuku is lucky to have the ideal Quirk, saying he can’t imagine how hard it was for him to reach his goal.  Izuku, who was formerly Quirk-less, knows better than he thinks, but doesn’t hesitate to toss him out of the ring.

Then we get flashback to Shinso entering Middle School three years ago. He wanted to be a hero while everyone else stated that his Quirk would be great for becoming a villain. Izuku feels for him, but there’s nothing he could say to make him feel better since he has a powerful Quirk. Fortunately, his classmates and the other pro-heroes tell him that he was great and their praise is enough to renew his vigor, so he vows to do better next time.

While in the Infirmary, Izuku tells All Might about the vision and asks if it was all the people who inherited the Quirk. All Might tells him that its a clear sign that he’s getting better at using it and that its like a trace everyone left behind in One For All, but its not something that can interfere with him. All Might ensures him that it was all him before sending him off to watch the next match.

Todoroki is on his way to said match when he runs into his father. Their discussion is basically non-existent, but it riles Todoroki enough that he basically overkills Sero by covering half of the arena in ice. No one can really blame Sero for the loss as Todoroki thaws him and the episode ended.

So, it was a decent episode. Shinso basically has a damn good Quirk. But it’s like Eraser Head stated, the exams aren’t practical since only people who can hit hard will pass. Because of this, Shinso was basically someone who fell through the cracks in the system and that it needs to be changed.

Likewise, we get a sample of how strong Todoroki is when it comes to using just one side of his Quirk. By which he goddamn covers half of the arena in ice. Izuku will have to face off against that at some point and that’s going to make it hard for him, but next we have everyone else’s matches and that’ll be fun too.

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