DanMachi Gaiden – Sword Oratoria Episode 5 Review

The bitter look of defeat.

The fifth episode of DanMachi Gaiden – Sword Oratoria is out now and it opens with Loki barging into the Guild to visit Uranus. This is supposed to be forbidden, as the Guild is neutral and the prayers that Uranus gives are meant to keep the Dungeon mostly docile, but  Loki doesn’t care and just harasses the guy until Uranus gives her permission to see him.

We then get back to the good stuff, where the plant monsters are attacking the Dungeon town and the members of the Loki Familia there start killing them. Finn takes charge and assembles a team of fighters as he tries to assess who the Tamer responsible is. That very Tamer goes after Lefiya and Lelune and strangles the former until Aiz jumps to her rescue, revealing that she took Hashana’s face off his corpse and wore it to go unnoticed.

She and Aiz go at it, but she’s the stronger fighter and so Lefiya tries to intervene with a spell that gets blocks bare-handed and send right back to her. When Lefiya tries to intervene again, the Tamer goes after her only for Aiz to activate her magic to protect her companion. It stirs the seed monster awake and causes the Tamer to recognize her as Aria, leaving Aiz shaken until the monster seed hatches and combines with a plant monster to make an all-new one.

Back with Loki and Uranus, the former points out that the mess at the Monsterphilia was being put on the Guild and she wants answers since it was her Familia that got hurt.  Loki asks if the Guild really is responsible, but he denies it and Loki decides to leave.

Then we get back to the action as the newborn monster draws the attention of the rest of the Loki Familia in the town.  They basically take it out with a combined attack while Aiz fights with the red-haired Tamer and gets the crap kicked out of her.  She’s basically screwed until Finn and Riveria step in to take over the fighting.  In contrast to Aiz they have absolutely no problem with kicking her around, so she retreats.

Several days pass after that and Aiz remains in a slump as she recalls the name the Tamer gave her, Aria. It turns out to be her mother’s name, so Aiz is left with both more questions and a bitter feeling of weakness at getting her ass handed to her.  She decides to stay in the Dungeon alone to train while the others head back, with Riveria volunteering to watch over her before she ends up getting herself killed.

As soon as the others are gone, a Floor Boss spawns on the 37th Floor. Its name is Udaeus, and Aiz decides she’s going to solo the boss in order to get stronger as the episode ends.

This episode continued the serious tone that the last one did, minus the imagine spot with Lefiya. The unnamed Tamer demonstrates a level of strength that was more than capable of kicking around the Sword Princess, a feat that few could claim. And then there was the fact that she knew the name of Aiz’s mother.

It’s a good, old-fashioned mystery that needs to be solved and gives Aiz a legit motive to both get stronger and go after the Tamer, salvaging the series from the mess that was the first three episodes.

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