Samurai Jack (2017) – Episode 8 Review


This was just awkward to watch.

The eighth episode is out and begins with a look into space as a vessel is knocked off course towards Earth after colliding with an asteroid field. We then immediately cut to Jack and Ashi getting food from a walrus that sounds like Zoidburg. Ashi is a little more reluctant than Jack, who gets his head gets turned into a fish after eating it and ends up joining her on a ride full of tiger-men that bring them uncomfortably close  for the duration of the ride and… it’s freaking awkward between them.

I’m actually thankful that the tiger-men turn out to be assassins who promptly get their faces punched in by the pair before they leave out and traverse the desert on foot. They make it to an oasis and Jack makes them both reed hats, leaving them to stare into one another’s eyes before they walk out into a sandstorm one cut later. They seek shelter and find that alien vessel that crash-landed, leaving them to go inside.

They go around searching for whoever owns it and find out it was actually a prison ship. Ashi ends up getting bitten by some kind of leech seconds later and Jack sucks out the poison. They then decide they should quickly leave when they hear something in the distance.

When they reached the point where they entered, they find that its been sealed shut and they’re trapped inside. So they keep running through the maze of corridors that twist and turn into themselves, leaving the pair to arrive at the central prison cell. A bunch of the leeches form together to make a creature that came out of Demon’s Souls and they go after them until Jack cuts a pipeline to serve as a distraction while they run again until they reach the weapon’s cache.

The AI system basically tells them how to kill the monster, but Ashi accidentally distract him from learning how to use. This bites them in the rear as Jack has no clue how to use it when they run into the prisoner again. Ashi gets swarmed  and her clothes get eaten, leaving her to fight naked until Jack tosses her his robe and fights in his undies.

So, they’re essentially screwed until Jack gets it at the last minute as they’re on the verge of being eaten alive. Then they start making out while covered in goop, which is just wrong, as the episode ends.

Okay, I get they were trying to push a pairing, but good grief this felt awkward in so many places. I mean, his sword poking her and the nudity distracting from fighting was just painful to watch. I get you’re on Adult Swim, but tap it down a notch, please?

Other than that, it was the first episode that legitimately felt like filler and I have to suggest skipping it for the most part. I mean, sure we see a forced romance and that Ashi has no nudity taboo, but it held so little weight to it. At least the next episode seems to be getting us back on track.

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