Boku no Hero Academia (Season 2) Episode 6 Review

They’re so damn proud of themselves.

 Episode 6 of Season 2 (or Episode 19 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) opens with Izuku and Todoroki having a talk. Todoroki bluntly asks Izuku if he’s the love-child of All Might, which isn’t too weird a thought when you consider they have the same power and the clearly close relationship. However, despite the amount of Dad-Might fics online,  Izuku isn’t. Still,  there is a connection there and Todoroki feels as though he still has to take Izuku down since he’s the son of Endeavor, the Number 2 hero in Japan behind All Might.

All Might casually chats with Endeavor, who he hasn’t talked to in 10 years. Endeavor clearly doesn’t like him, despite All Might’s praise of his son and asking for advice on teaching the next generation. Endeavor tells All Might that he “created” Todoroki to surpass All Might since he couldn’t, which Todoroki explains by mentioning that Endeavor married his mother specifically because of her Quirk.

Todoroki makes it clear that his mother was basically abused until the point where she snapped and then poured boiling water on the left-side of his face, which is why he’s burned. He wants to show his old man up without his half of Todoroki’s Quirk by getting First Place, meaning he’ll have to go against Izuku. And, by chance, Bakugo overhears this discussion as well, looking honestly bothered by it considering his own drive for First Place.

Izuku basically states that if it were a comic, Todoroki would be the main character while he has always being supported by others. However, because he has been supported by others, he wants to live up to that support and be the best hero he can. With both sides making their determination clear, they part ways until Lunch is over and the women in Class A show up in cheerleading outfits, courtesy of Mineta and Kaminari tricking them.

After that’s done, they’ll have a one-on-one tournament where everyone competes against another to find the champion. They get ready to draw lots, but Ojiro withdraws since he doesn’t remember anything from the Calvary battle due to the Quirk of another student. He doesn’t feel he’s earned it after everyone else worked so hard, which has another student step forward and agree to withdraw as well, so Tetsutetsu and Shiozaki get bumped up in the ranking.

The pairings are decided and Izuku will be going against Shinso, who was the one Ojiro warned him about. During the recreation period, Ojiro talks to him as the others prepare themselves for their matches until the arena is done. All Might has a final talk with Izuku  about his power and encourages him to stand proud  as the finals start and Izuku heads out onto the field with Shinso.

Shinso intentionally mocks Ojiro’s pride in order to get Izuku to respond, triggering his Quirk’s ability despite Ojiro warning him about it. Thus Izuku is immediately screwed as the match begins and the episode ends.

So this episode was mostly set-up for the finals, with some depths given to the various characters. We learn how Todoroki got burned and what sort of person his father is (read: Asshole), learn what sort of person Ojiro is and how he has a sense of pride that he wants to live up to, and learned just how far Mineta and Kaminari would go to see the girls in cheerleader outfits.

Here’s hoping Izuku manages to get himself out of trouble next episode.


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