DanMachi Gaiden – Sword Oratoria Episode 4 Review

Aww, it looks cute enough to kill over. Oh wait.

The fourth episode of DanMachi Gaiden – Sword Oratoria, opens with an unknown Adventurer in the process of getting lucky with a woman whose face is obscured by shadows but has red hair (the opening pretty much spoils her identity). He managed to get his hands on an Exclusive Quest, which earned him enough money to where he could afford to rent out an entire inn to get laid. After the moron tells her what she wants to know, she then proceeds to strangle and snap the guy’s neck in a matter of seconds.

We then go from the scene of a murder to an innocent scene of Aiz with her mother and father, before she wakes up in her bed in their Familia’s estate and thinks to herself that she needs to go apologize to Bell. She then goes to get her unbreakable sword only to find that the price is 40 Million Valis, which gives us this epic face from Aiz.

Since that’s more than the cost of several mansions, she and her friends go Dungeon crawling. Finn and Riveria join them as well, considering it to be a carefree stroll compared to an expedition. That leaves Loki and Bete to go searching into those monsters that attacked the group during the festival.

The dungeon-traveling group arrives in the town in the Dungeon, where they learn about the murder that had taken place. Bors, the leader of the town and a Level 3, uses an illegal item to unveil the Status of the Adventurer who had his entire head smashed by the woman. It turned out he was a member of the Ganesha Familia and was a Level 4—which higher than Leafiya and Bors, meaning that woman must’ve been even higher of a level to kill him so easily.

Bors is pretty quick to blame the busty Amazon sister, since she is a Level 5 and seductive, but Finn points out that she couldn’t seduce anyone after she threatens to castrate them. Humor aside, Finn and Riveria then deduce that the woman intended to take something from him and then smashed his head in when she couldn’t find it. That means she’s still in town, looking for whatever it was.

As for Loki and Bete, they stumble into the sewers to track down the source of the monsters. Loki makes him give her a piggyback ride until he hears the monsters still lurking about in the cistern. Bete goes to town on the monsters, putting a much better showing than the girls from last time because he actually had his weapons—a pair of boots that can absorb and use magic. When the last one dies, they find another corrupted Magic Stone and carry it with them into town where they stumble across Dionysus and his guard. Loki goes over to greet him until Bete points out that their scent was all over the sewer they were in.

Back with the murder, they try to find the woman with Bors ordering a full body inspection of the women in the town. The men are excited and the women are not, though more than a few want Finn to inspect them. Aiz just observes the chaos until she spots a woman running away and gives chase with Leafiya, while a mysterious man watches.

We then cut to Dionysus talking with Loki, explaining that he had nothing to do with the incident at Monsterphilia. He was looking into it on his own since a month ago three members of his Familia were killed for stumbling into something they weren’t supposed to see. The only clue left behind was a corrupted Magic Stone, meaning there was a connection that he wanted to follow up on. Loki decides to believe him after he namedrops that Uranus is likely involved.

Aiz and Leafiya inevitably catch up to the female Adventurer who they were chasing. She begs them not to take her back to be interrogated and reveals her name is Lulune, a member of the Hermes Familia. She was involved with the murdered Adventurer, namely that she was holding onto his possessions since that was part of the Quest she had. Hashana had exchanged it with her before he was murdered, but she doesn’t know who the client who hired her was since she only took it because the reward was good.

Aiz offers to take it for her, so Lelune reveals that the object is actually a monster inside of a pod of some kind. The monster gives Aiz a bad feeling, which is made worse since it wakes up in her grasp and does something to her. Unbeknownst to them, they’re being overseen by someone wearing Hashana’s face who uses a leaf whistle to call up the same flower monsters from before to attack the town as the episode ends.

So, this episode basically kicks off the next arc and it does so with haste. The murder of a Level 4 already showcases that the woman responsible is not only violent, but strong and has no qualms about using the face and armor of the guy she killed in order to get around until she finds the people who have what she wants.

Likewise, with the introduction of Dionsyus and the involvement of the Hermes Familia and Uranus expands the list of important cast members. For those who don’t remember, Hermes is the blonde guy in the hat in Season 1 who went with Hestia into the Dungeon. There was still some comedy, but thankfully they got rid of the stupid fanservice to keep the tone dark and keep the gravity of the situation where it belongs.

And here I was considering dropping this anime. No, it gets a pass for now.

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