Samurai Jack (2017) – Episode 7 Review

Peace and Violence, a balance between nets the lost sword again.

The seventh episode is out and begins with a flashback of Jack before he lost his sword. He stumbled across a small goat and questions if it knows if there is a time portal at the top of a mountain. It naturally doesn’t answer, and he continues to the top while being followed by another two until they then guide him to a time portal that he jumps through immediately, heading back to the past…

But Aku, being a dick, pulls him out and then destroys it while telling Jack it was the last one in existence. In a fit of rage, Jack tries to cut him down and he runs off after transforming the lambs into monsters that Jack kills. The moment they die, Jack realizes he lost himself in his rage and the sword falls into the pit.

The flashback then ends in the present, where Jack is flying on the back of a bird with Ashi and leading her to where he lost the sword. They descend into the depths of the pit, but it’s so deep that it takes a full day to reach the bottom. There they find the skulls of the innocent lambs but not the sword, which Jack realizes has left him, and head back to the top for Jack to meditate on finding it.

That leaves Ashi to stand guard alone as an army marches on the mountain while Jack’s meditation leaves his mind adrift until he stumbles across what looks like a small temple. A monk then asks him if he’s lost and then tells him to make tea, while Ashi opens a can of whoop-ass on the army by literally impaling them on their own spears. It’s a brutal and bloody affair, to say the least.

Ashi fights until she’s covered in blood while Jack slowly makes tea in a traditionally Japanese method, until only one assassin remains. It turns out to be her mother, who claims she always knew that Ashi would fail but gives her a chance to redeem herself by killing Jack. Ashi refuses and so they fight, with Ashi struggling to keep Jack safe and fend off the woman who trained her, with she ultimately has no choice but to kill her mother to save Jack.

Back with Jack, the monk tells him he lacks balance and he struggles with controlling his inner rage that manifests as the version of himself that’s deformed. Jack refuses to let his anger consume him further, and ends up banishing it and achieving balance. That nets him an audience with the three Gods who helped craft the blade in the first place.

They gear him up in his old clothes and give him his sword once more, leaving him to wake and find the chaos that happened around him. He thanks Ashi for defending him and she asks what’s next. Jack tells her they’re going after Aku as the episode ends.

So this episode seems to balance between peace and violence, with Jack searching for the former and Ashi taking part in the latter. It’s only made relevant when Jack banishes his anger and once again achieves balance, in which the gods themselves give him back what he had lost. He had to find himself, in other words.

Ashi gets closure with her mother, solidifying the fact that she believes that it was not Jack that killed her sisters, but her mother’s teachings. She raised them to be weapons, and so they were unable to decide for themselves to flee when offered the chance. Therefore, the blame lies with her.

With the season more than half over now and Jack once more back to how he was, I suspect we’ll see Aku getting his evil groove back next. But it was a good episode and shouldn’t be missed.


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