DanMachi Gaiden – Sword Oratoria Episode 3 Review

You know, even Bell only needed to be saved by her like twice over 12 episodes and he was only Level 1.

The third episode of DanMachi Gaiden – Sword Oratoria, starts with Loki’s perspective at the banquet of the gods, including introducing both Dionysus and Demeter and discussing the Monsterphilia until she spots Hestia and decides to pick a fight with her. When Loki is gone, Demeter accuses Dionysus of having something planned, but we don’t learn anything more with them as we then go back to Aiz and Lefiya dungeon-crawling. They stumble across the Ganesha Familia bringing up monsters for the festival, which prompts Lefiya to ask Aiz to join her at the festival.

Aiz agrees and they return to their headquarters, but end up getting scolded by Riveria for going off after just returning from an expedition and not resting. Loki pretty much hijacks Lefiya’s date and it leaves the elf crying about not getting her date and being too weak to be next to Aiz.  However, Loki ends taking Aiz to meet Freya, who’s basically gunning for Bell and runs off the moment she spots him heading for the festival.

Afterwards they head off to the coliseum and canon happens. You know the deal, Freya charms the monsters and they get loose, leaving Bell to try running from the Silverback. Aiz is given the task of going around killing the other monsters, which she does in less than a minute, but then a flower monster emerges from below ground and Aiz has to go save Lefiya again. Another three emerge after the first one is killed, and Aiz ends up serving as bait while Lefiya pulls herself together and steals one of Riveria’s spell to deal with them.

The day is saved, Loki goes to talk to Freya about those flower monsters that got released and Freya reveals she didn’t have anything to do with those monsters in specific. We then cut to a shot of Dionysus playing around with a magic stone that came from the flower monsters as the episode ends.

…Okay, I may have been lenient on the first two episodes, but this one I’ve got to bring attention to a big problem. You see, while Leafiya has a prominent role as a side-character in the manga, this is supposed to be Aiz’s story. Yet, we never hear her inner thoughts, which are essential to understanding her character in the source materials.

Not to mention Leafiya is basically a female (and more perverse from the imagine spots alone) version of Bell and that’s really weak when Bell actually appears in the show. She can’t carry the series, so if they keep things going as they are, I might actually drop it.

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