Boku no Hero Academia (Season 2) Episode 5 Review

The moment when everything changes.

 Episode 5 of Season 2 (or Episode 18 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) opens with Tsuyu, Shouji, and Mineta going into attack-mode to try and steal the bandana from Todoroki’s and Izuku’s teams along with everyone else. Kaminari basically tazers everyone else while Todoroki immobilizes them with his power and steals their bandanas. So it boils down to Todoroki and Izuku going against one another, where its revealed that Tokoyami’s dark shadow is weakened by the sunlight and he’s trusting Izuku to come up with a good strategy.

Back with Bakugo, the Class 1-B guy ends up provoking Bakugo even more by calling him a moronic villain. Bakugo charges him, only for both him and Kirishima to get their Quirks taken by Monoma. They end up get stuck in place as Izuku manages to keep Todoroki at bay by exploiting his blindspot until Iida pulls out his super-move and allows Todoroki to steal Izuku’s bandana.

Izuku, not wanting to betray the trust of the others, activates One for All and forces Todoroki to use his fire powers to ward him off as Bakugo goes after Monoma and steals more of his headbands in revenge. But it’s not enough for him—he wants to get the top position and uses his team to do so, which leads to him keeping his promise and knocking Monoma’s team out of the running as Izuku manages to grab one of the bandanas from Todoroki’s team.

However, it’s not the 10 million like he planned since Todoroki swapped their position and time runs out. So, the race is over with Todoroki’s team in first place, Bakugo’s team in second, Team Shinsou in third, and Team Izuku in fourth thanks to Tokoyami using Dark Shadow.

Izuku is so happy that he ends up crying tears while Todoroki is lamenting that he used his fire powers despite promising to never do so. With the final competitors determined, the groups break for an hour lunch. Izuku goes off talk to Todoroki, mirroring All Might’s talk with Endeavor as the episode ends.

This episode was freaking awesome. Izuku’s team and combination managed to ward off Todoroki and only Iida revealing a trump card was enough to steal their victory away. And Bakugo reveals he’s a brilliant strategist as well by using his teams to get both revenge and go for the win—he didn’t get first place, but he came damn close.

The finals are going to be amazing.

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