Samurai Jack (2017) – Episode 6 Review

Wait, was she technically naked this entire time?

The sixth episode is out and in this episode, we follow the aftermath of the last where Jack presumed that he’d killed children of all things when they were really just knocked out. This leads to him disappearing with the ghost shogun while Ashi calls out for him. Now we follow Ashi as she sets out to find Samurai Jack.

Her travels take her on-board an aircraft filled with aliens where she is attacked by two who believe her to be an assassin for Aku. These two aliens reveal that they were once saved by Jack in the past, so they consider him their friend. Ashi thanks them for telling her their story and then leaps out of the aircraft to search for Jack as we learn that the evil robot from the first episode, Scaramouche or whatever, is still alive despite having his head cut off and plans to tell Aku about Jack losing his sword.

Ashi then runs into another group of people who were saved by Samurai Jack in a past episode, the blind archers to be exact. Jack managed to free them by destroying the portal to the past that cursed them in the first place. Now they have a thriving village, and are willing to serve as his army should he choose to rise against Aku.

Ashi continues on and comes across a massive rave being held by an older woman who sings a song about how Jack saved them as well. It’s a snappy beat and Ashi gets involved in the dance sequence before heading off again. She eventually finds a bubbling brook before having a flashback to her mother being a bitch and  dives into the water to scrub herself clean of the blackness that covered her.

This leaves her naked until she weaves an outfit from leaves and then stumbles into a bar filled with a bunch of tough-guy types.  They’ve all had a run in with Samurai Jack, but he beat the crap out of all of them. That includes the hip-hop Samoorai, who gave up his blade afterwards. She then heads out and gets advice to go up north to find Jack by a hidden figure , who leads her to a Japanese graveyard in time to find that Jack is preparing to commit Seppuku.

The ghost shogun tells her she can witness his death, but not intervene as Jack has failed his purpose and has accepted his fate. She intervenes anyway and does her best to try to stop him, telling him that he gave her real purpose and hope. It takes her telling him that he saved the children before the Shogun tries to kill Ashi,  and Jack strikes it down.

The ancient warriors from the past overseeing the battle then retreat into their graves as Jack compliments Ashi on her new look and then state its time to go find his sword.

So… this was a nostalgia trip. One big nostalgia trip to show that even in the future, his past actions have inspired hope among the people of that time. It’s enough to complete Ashi’s redemption, seen when she literally throws herself into the water and scrubs away the lies of her mother entirely. Now here’s hoping Jack can get his sword back and raise that army before the robot runs his mouth off to Aku.

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