DanMachi Gaiden – Sword Oratoria Episode 2 Review

Girls’ day out.

The second episode of DanMachi Gaiden – Sword Oratoria, starts with a mysterious woman reporting that the Loki Familia has returned from their expedition to a mysterious man holding the mysterious magic stone that was dropped from the monsters. Who these mysterious figures are isn’t explained right now, much like the two in the last episode, but it doesn’t matter right now as the Loki Familia walks back home and are admired by the citizens on the streets. They’re among the most famous Familia after all, so it comes to no surprise.

Lefiya feels only regret for her screwing up, but the flat Amazoness tells her to try and cheer Ais up on the surface. She then gets molested by Loki, who was originally aiming for Ais, while everyone else just reports they didn’t suffer any causalities and gets ready for a feast. They’re clearly used to it after all.

Then we get another bathing scene while Lefiya tries to think of a way to help Ais, which then turns into another molestation scene when Loki comes in and then a fantasy scene that gets rid of any assumptions that Lefiya’s feelings are non-romantic. Ais then gets her status updated and find that her points have only gone up by 16, as she’s reaching the peak of her strength after reaching Level 5 three years ago. It makes her feel hopeless since she wants to be stronger, and that means she needs to perform a feat worth enough to hit the next rank. She finds Lefiya waiting outside her room with a gift for her, a crystal drop, before vowing to help her as best she could… and having another daydream.

The next day, she and the large-chested Amazoness, Tione, go and haggle their monster drops, while her sister goes to the blacksmith with Ais to get a new weapon crafted while the latter gets her unbreakable sword sharpened. Lefiya gives her another gift, to which Ais doesn’t get why she did it but keeps it anyway. Then they head to the Goddess of Fertility for a feast and banquet, where Bete tells the story of Ais saving Bell while he’s there.

Bell naturally runs off and leaves Ais behind, leaving her depressed the next day—though we did see that Bete is sulking in his room afterwards since he had time to sober up. Riveria then goes over to talk to Ais about what happened and help her to realize that she just wants to apologize before the Amazons and Lefiya take her shopping. As the episode comes close to the end, they bump into Hestia and a bunch of other gods, while Ais and Leafiya get some of their feelings off their chests.

The episode had a lot more fanservice than I cared for, but I honestly expected it given the source material. If you couldn’t tell from the last episode, Lefiya basically has a girl crush on Ais, who maintains her emotionally-stunted cluelessness… only this shouldn’t be the case. In the manga, we get a look at her thoughts during these key moments that give deeper insight to her thoughts, which is critical considering she’s the main character of the spin-off.

Hopefully they’ll address this, otherwise she’ll be seen as a boring character.

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