Boku no Hero Academia (Season 2) Episode 4 Review

The perfect team for escaping.

 Episode 4 of Season 2 (or Episode 17 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) continues the Sports Festival after Izuku got first place and basically got a giant bulls-eye on his back for having 10 million points. The burden of being the best and on top shows as he has to find partners for the cavalry battle within 15 minutes. While he does that, a couple of pro-heroes (the ones from the first episode), talk about how heroes have to struggle to get ahead of one another.

Bakugo can’t even remember what most of his classmates names and Quirks are, but sides with Kirishima after the boy brazenly tells him they should team-up since they got good compatibility. The face Bakugo makes when he tells them to go after Izuku showed he had him hooked. At the same time, Mineta sides with Shouji since him being so short means that he needs to be the rider but hardly anyone would let him besides the man who can reshape his body as needed.

Izuku, on the other hand, is avoided by everyone but Uraraka. He then tries going over to have Iida join his group since, with their combined powers, they could run away the entire time. However, Iida decides that he wants to go over to Todoroki’s side, so that plan is scrapped until the gadget girl from the last arc known as Mei joins him because she wants to use him for advertising. Uraraka gets a bit jealous, but brushes it aside as Izuku goes over to recruit Tokoyami, the bird-headed guy, as his front.

Everyone immediately goes after Izuku and he wants to run. They try to stop him, but the group as whole is capable of flying between Mei and Uraraka, while Tokoyami’s shadow is capable of defending them. That makes them a much harder target, but some still try their hardest to grab him.

Shouji works with Mineta to trap their feet while Tsuyu attacks with her tongue, giving them the perfect tank and assault unit. When they try and go aerial, Bakugo gives chase with his quirk only to be blocked by Tokoyami’s power and then caught by his team. However, it’s then revealed that while Class 1-A was targeting Izuku, Class 1-B  was targeting them and planned as a class to  come in middle-place beforehand.

Then the idiot hits Bakugo’s berserk button by reminding him of the sludge-monster in Episode 1 of the first season and gets on his kill-list. Izuku thinks that it means they’ll be safe, but Todoroki’s still focused on Izuku and they get ready to face off as the episode ends.

This episode showed a brilliant amount of synergy between the different classes and their capabilities. Who would have expected Shouji to work with Mineta and Tsuyu to form a tank, or Tokoyami to be the perfect shield? And Class 1-B’s strategy was solid, even if their leader was a jerk.

I loved this episode from beginning to end, and can’t wait to see the next one.

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