Boku no Hero Academia (Season 2) Episode 3 Review

You wanted First Place. Enjoy it.

 Episode 3 of Season 2 (or Episode 16 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) continues the Sports Festival after Todoroki pulled ahead and left the rest of the students to fend off the robots. In the process he ended up burying Kirishima and Tetsutetsu, both of whom have Quirks that harden their bodies and make them strong enough to survive. Bakugo then simply flies over the robots while Sero and Tokoyami use their Quirks to follow, signaling for the rest to keep going. Aizawa points out that because Class A has experience they know how to push ahead, even Izuku who can’t use his Quirk yet.

So they basically body those giant robots and then reach a pitfall stage. Tsuyu has no problem getting across and Mei, being from the support course, can use her equipment to get across and announces to the world that she basically advertising herself. But Todoroki is still far ahead while Izuku is trailing behind until they reach the minefield.

Since Bakugo can blast himself ahead, he’s got no problems and goes toe-to-toe with Todoroki until Izuku uses the robot arm to propel himself forward and take the lead. Bakugo gets pissed and chases after him while Todoroki freezes the path ahead so he can catch up to them, but Izuku sets off another mine to get clear ahead of them and take the first place to both All Might and his mother’s amazement.

The rest of them file in, with the majority of Class A managing to make it through with a few exceptions and Class B getting a few of their numbers in. Only the top 42 get their chance to move onto the next stage, a cavalry battle with each person having a headband that carries a certain value of points based off their position. Since Izuku came in first, his headband is worth ten-million.

Thus the episode ends with everyone deciding their going to gun for him.

I love how this episode was not only faithful to the source materials, but it expanded on showing how Izuku’s thought process worked while also showcasing how amazing everyone’s Quirks were. And that face he made at the end. It was a thing of beauty.

Great episode.


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