DanMachi Gaiden – Sword Oratoria Episode 1 Review

Covered in acid. Still keeps fighting with a smile.
This is the type of girl you would have picked up in a Dungeon, Bell.

Another anime I’ll be reviewing this season is DanMachi Gaiden – Sword Oratoria, a spin-off or side-story to the original DanMachi anime that aired some time back. Instead of following Bell’s adventure to become a hero, Sword Oratoria tells the story of a group of badasses who actually know what they’re doing and gives us more world-building on the lower floors.

Anyway, it opens with the Loki Familia in the midst of an expedition to the 50th Floor, where upon the elfin mage Lefiya is about to get crushed by a monster. She is saved by Aiz, who comes to her rescue akin to how she did for Bell in his story… only with less blood.

After an info-dump and then a couple of cameos from Hestia and other characters we spot in the main series, we get back to Lefiya feeling down about needing to be saved until she gets a pat on the head from Aiz. Then we gets some humor from the Amazon  sisters and the other leaders of the expedition before Riveria grabs Lefiya aside for a talk, telling her she has potential but not experience. Bete, being the elitist jerk that he is, quickly stomps down on that train of thought, but Riveria explains that’s just how he speaks to others.

Of course, then they get attacked by monsters that are eating other monsters and spraying acid. Since most of their weapons get destroyed by the acid, it’s up Lefiya to use magic since Riveria decides this is the perfect time for her to gain that experience she’s been missing. She neatly gets killed instead until her teammates basically tank the attacks for her.

Aiz shows up with her wind magic, the amazons bring brute strength to the table, Bete gets to kicking around, and Riveria decides to just take over with the magic to burn everything to ashes. Unfortunately, because they’ve sustained too much damage and lost too much equipment, they have to return to the city and end the expedition. We then briefly get a cut to Uranus and a robed figure being mysterious and cryptic about the overarching plot.

Then, on their way back, Minotaurs show up on the same floor where the Loki Familia are. Needless to say, the monsters start running in fear and then proceed to start charging up the floors. We then get to the scene in first episode of Danmachi where Aiz saves Bell while covering him in blood. Naturally, he runs off crying as Bete laughs and the episode ends.

So, this episode adapts roughly the first half of the first volume of the light novel in an attempt to rush it to the part where the first episode of Danmachi was. I don’t mind exactly in this case because, unless you’ve actually read the Light Novel or Manga, you wouldn’t notice. But hopefully they don’t bull-rush through all of it.

Anyway, in terms of characters we get to see more of the Loki Familia that were only briefly touched upon in the previous anime. The main ones are the Amazons, Tiona and Tione, the Level 6 elites, Aiz, Bete, and Lefiya. The latter is a somewhat controversial character for manga and light-novel readers, since she’s a Level 3 who acts akin to an inexperienced Adventurer (read: Bell) but the show here does establish that she just hasn’t had too much experience on the Lower Floors, so I’m rather neutral on the subject at the moment.

So, I’m going to say the episode as a whole was okay. I could do without the T&A scenes with Aiz and the big-chested Amazoness, but it was a decent start and I’m actually hoping the anime makes to point where the manga is at present—I can’t say what because  it’s a spoiler, but it’s really good. Like seriously, go read it.

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