Grimoire of Zero Episode 1 Review


Our protagonists.

One of the new series I’m review is Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho (Grimoire of Zero) since it’s magic, 12 episodes, and I have a slot to fill on Mondays.

Basically, in the setting of this story, witches (male and females) are persecuted by the church as you’d expect and went into hiding. However, recently a well-renowned witch was burned at the stake and it caused them to actually start fighting back. Now there’s been an uprising and people have been called in to deal with it, one of these is our leading protagonist, Mercenary.

He’s a beastfallen, who are half-human and half-beast, and have a large bounty on in their heads because they act as very good materials for sorcery. His life sucks until he arrives in a land where his kind is appreciated since they’ve got keen senses and super-strength—all good for witch-hunting. Unfortunately, he ends up being hunted by a witch who wants his head and stumbles across another witch, Zero, who saves him.

He, naturally, hauls tail away from her only for her to find him again. We then get an exposition dump over soup about magic and his own state as a beastfallen. Namely that witches created them by accident, imbuing animal spirits into warriors in the distant past. You can understand his frustration since, as a beastfallen, he’s been discriminated and hunted for the sin of just being born and doesn’t want to work as her guard when she offers him compensation.

So she makes a different deal: she agrees to sign a contract that states she won’t kill him and will turn him back to human when his job is done, though he rips it up and settles for just trusting her with a blood oath. Of course, then morning comes and she turns out to be a tease before they continue their day.

Along the way to the next town, Zero explains that what the witch chasing him was using wasn’t sorcery, but magic. She demonstrates by summoning a sprite that casts a small fireball, explaining that’s a sorcery, while magic is the ability to use the power of demons without summoning the demons themselves but using words and sacrifices.

She then knocks down the witch from before and reveals that it was a boy named Albus. He tries to cast a spell on them, but Zero dispels his magic and then captures him to learn that the grimoire she’s after was stolen by the guys who taught him magic. Naturally, the episode ends there.

You know, for someone who went through as much crap as he did, Mercenary came to trust Zero pretty damn quickly. But maybe the fact she doesn’t recoil in fear earns her a few points in his book. Either way, it looks to be a quick little entertainment to go along with the new DanMachi anime coming out, so I’ll be watching it and expecting good things.

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