Samurai Jack (2017) – Episode 4 Review

I’m with the hallucination here.

The fourth episode is out and both Jack and Asahi survived the fall, with Jack finding her bleeding body and getting ready to finish her off. The only thing that stopped him was crows calling him a murderer, which is another sign of his declining mental health, and he yells out that she and the others chose their fate. Unfortunately, she wakes up and tries to kill him again.

He solves that issue in five seconds and then wonders to himself if he can convince her that Aku is evil and not him. Hard to do, considering everything. Much more so when they get eaten by a giant monster that appeared out of nowhere and she tries to kill him again, to which he literally asks if she is serious.

So they end up in the belly of the monster, with Jack fending off the various threats trying to kill them while she makes things more complicated. Even his hallucinations are wondering why he doesn’t just let her die since she’s made her choice.

She keeps going on with the rhetoric that her mother drilled into her until Jack tries to explain Aku the one behind it, to no avail. It’s like talking to a brick wall that has a speaker constantly playing propaganda. Worse, she actively sabotages him when they get near the exit and nearly gets him killed again.

Then things get trippy as they find a way out, only its suspended over a bubbling pit of stomach acid. Jack grabs onto one of the flying creatures, only for nature to try and take its course as a skeleton fish pops up and tries to eat them. They get passed around by a ton of different creatures until they make it out and into the ocean, where there’s a spot of land for them to rest.

There Ashi, once again, tries to kill him. At least until she spots a ladybug and has a flashback to her childhood, where her bitch of a mother crushes it in front of her. Seeing Jack release it stops her from trying to kill him for now as the episode ends.

This episode takes a… quite frankly jarring turn to some black comedy. In contrast to the last two episodes, where things were serious. It felt like I was watching a different show actually.  Jack really struggles to take Ashi seriously, up to the point she’s more of a tantrum throwing child more than an efficient killer. Him carrying her made me laugh, but then I remember when two episodes ago they had him cowering in fear and question if I was actually watching the same show.


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