Boku no Hero Academia (Season 2) Episode 2 Review

Look how menacing they are in this shot. That won’t last another episode.

 Episode 2 of Season 2 (or Episode 15 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) begins with more explanation on the upcoming sports festival between Izuku and All Might. It brings together the Hero Course, Business Course, General Studies Course, and Support Course, leaving them to fight until one person emerges on top. Izuku still has doubts about winning, but All Might tells him that he has to strive for the top.

When class lets out, they find that the exit is blocked by a bunch of different students who want to scout out Class 1-A. Bakugo leaves a bad impression among the students in the other courses, who couldn’t make it into the hero course on their entrance exams, but one of the students sticks out and states that if they do well they may be transferred into it—while others from the hero course can be transferred out. Bakugo doesn’t care since all that matters is rising to the top, which several of his other classmates admit is simple and to the point.

With two weeks left until the sports festival, Izuku and the others start their training regiments in a montage befitting all of their quirks and its actually pretty entertaining. Then the morning of the sports festival comes around and Izuku’s mom tells him she’ll record him doing his best. As they get called out onto the field, Todoroki states that All Might has his eyes on Izuku, which drives him to want to beat him in the competition. Izuku states that he’ll still do his very best, which puts him in Bakugo’s sights.

Class 1-A steps out onto the field with the cheers of the audience, making Izuku nervous and Bakugo getting hyped up. The screen then cuts to other supporting characters who will be playing a role during the events, including some of my personal favorites. They all grow to hate Class 1-A when Bakugo acts as their representative and declares he’ll come out on top, as his class expected, though Izuku notes he’s driving himself into a corner in order to win.

Then they get an obstacle course and are told they can do anything as long as they stay on the course. Todoroki plays dirty by freezing everyone’s feet, but several of Class 1-A are prepared for it as well as a couple of other students. Even Mineta gets a couple of slick moves in bouncing off his sticky balls (his Quirk) until he gets decked by a giant robot.

Remember those giant robots from the first exam? The one that Izuku took down? They’re the first obstacle for the challengers… and they pose absolutely no challenge for Todoroki, who manages to get past one and closes the exit around him. That leaves Izuku struggling to think of a way around as his mother watches since he can’t One Punch it as the episode ends.

And so begins the School Festival. Already we see the stakes of this tournament, with those doing well likely to have a position in the Hero Course or being scouted by Pro Heroes. Everyone attending has some stake it in, from Izuku to Bakugo to the kid whose name I can’t remember but looks scraggly and has one of the most broken Quirks in the series.

As for Todoroki’s declaration, that actually has some weight behind him gunning for Izuku because of his connection to All Might, but I don’t wish to spoil it. Let’s just say that by the end of this arc you’ll see a massive development.

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