Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (Season 2) Episode 24 Review

Damn it. Killed by the guy demanding his senpai notice him.

Okay, Episode 49  (or Episode 24 of Season 2) of Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans has aired and when we last left off, Orga had been killed by a couple of men in suits. It turns out the hit was carried out by some of Nobliss’ men, who thought they’d take the chance to be go-getters by assassinating Orga before they ran off once they started taking casualties. Nobliss is fine with the outcome as long as Kudelia was unharmed, wondering if Rustal would feel indebted to them for killing him off. Ride eventually connects to the other members of Tekkadan in the tunnel, after patching up Chad’s wounds, and inform them of the situation. Word spreads around the base until Hush eventually tells Mikazuki.

Eugene is forced to take over and go with Orga’s plan to get to Earth, but he learns some members want to keep fighting for revenge. You would think that would include Mikazuki, who calls everyone around Barbatos. Instead, he continues to follow Orga’s order even after his death, so that means no fighting for revenge—just to survive.

Rustal continues to be a corrupt asshole, making arrangements so Nobliss can continue to sell his weapons without interference in exchange for his help. Julieta feels a moment of pity for Tekkadan, but decides to keep fighting for Rustal despite knowing he’s a shady bastard. So he plans to send her back onto the battlefield now that she’s fully recovered.

With Tekkadan, Mika, Akihiro, Dante, and Hush are left to intercept the enemy while the others plan to escape through the tunnels. Eugene plans on borrowing Orga’s custom Shiden as well, backed by a couple of other kids to help. The operation begins with a missile barrage from Rustal’s side before they charge in while McGillis has his men abandon ship and thank Todo for his help before he goes off to kill Rustal alone.

Back on Earth, Almiria still feels that she’s married to McGillis and responsible for his sins. So she intends to wait for him to come back and atone for his sins with him.  It looks like he has a good chance of doing so until Gaelio pops out.

Hush died because his suit wasn’t re-spec’d for ground-combat. Really?

At this point, things look grim for Tekkadan and McGillis. Hush ends up getting killed by an unnamed mook while Gaelio wants McGillis-senpai to notice him as they tear one another’s suits apart. McGillis manages to crawl out of his suit and goes onboard the ship to kill Rustal, but Gaelio beats him to it and shoots him.

As he’s dying, McGillis acknowledges he looked away to avoided being friends with him because he made him waver in his goals before he dies. Rustal notes he’ll be a footnote in history now and asks where Julieta is. She turns out to have gone down to Mars, where Tekkadan are still fighting so the others can get away as the episode ends.

Umm… overall it was a decent episode plot and animation-wise, but… I think that whoever wrote this series is trying to piss the fans off. And it’s succeeding. They’re murdering all the good guys while I haven’t seen Gjallarhorn take a single important character off the board yet.

Julieta basically acknowledges that she’s working for an asshole, but decides to keep doing so. Gaelio has been turned into a revenge-driven idiot who just wants to keep the status quo. Iok has no right to still live, and Rustal is the most corrupt son of a bitch to ever be in this show and he’s getting away with it.

I was actually rooting for McGillis just because it meant there was a chance for him to succeed and get these bastards. But look how that turned out: killed by a guy demanding that he look at him. Gaelio would have been better off dead at the end of Season 1.

At this point, there is no happy ending even for the survivors.

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